Monday, October 6, 2014

We Have To Be Obedient

Hey everyone! 
         It’s been a good week once again :) it was fast one! The weeks are flying! Aaaaand p.s. I got the keyboard that types random a’s again... Deal with it.
         We're working so hard trying to find people that are prepared. This has been one of my hardest areas as far as baptizing goes. They just aren’t progressing like they have before. I don’t know if it's because I’m in a rich area or what, but man sometimes it’s frustrating walking around in the heat all day as appointment after appointment falls through. But this week we’ve been truly blessed. 
         I don’t know if I’ve told you but the ward just doesn’t work too much with us. But that has changed this week :) we had a member with us EVERY day this week! It was super hard. We were calling a million and one sisters every night but we did it :) Little by little we're gonna gain their confidence I just know it! 
         We also were able to find SEVEN families! We have appointments with them this week. We really were able to see miracles. I’m not sure they all will progress, but it was great. President said we need to talk to EVERY family and because we have been obedient, we are seeing miracles :) man, it was great. 
         One lesson that really sticks out was with a family that I forgot their names haha. We've been teaching the kids and the dad never ever wants anything to do with us. We started our fast this Saturday and went to teach his kids and he accepted us and LOVED it. Talk about God immediately answering our prayer! We both came out of the lesson like WOW. God answers prayers. This whole fasting thing isn’t all that bad of an idea haha.
         We were also finally able to find the Leyton family. They're so great. Mary just has doubts about the Book of Mormon. But she hasn’t done her part and actually read and she knows it. So she was like, Okay Hermanas I’m gonna actually read and I’m gonna do what you say and pray about it. Next time you come I hope to have an answer. :) yay! Daniel was only worried because he can’t actually kneel to pray because of the accident he had. If that’s his only doubt or problem we’re good to go :)
         This week was also my last multizone conference in the mission :( I LOVE multizone conference! But man I was bummed it would be my last one. There’s lots of sisters goin home at the same time and we all had to share our last testimony and WOW! My testimony has grown. All of our testimonies have! I remember when we all got here last year scared out of our minds and not understanding a single word haha. Hermana Petersen was there too, so it was good to end with the companion I started the whole journey out with :) But really. The mission changes people. 
        We talked a lot about the Holy Ghost in the conference. President and Hermana Rowley have the best way of teaching .I learned so much! I’ve never really thought about it, but President talked about how the Holy Ghost is actually a God. It’s true though! Having the spirit is SO important. We also talked about the reasons why we don’t have the spirit sometimes and the biggest reason is disobedience. We HAVE to be obedient if we want the Holy Ghost to help us. If we’re obedient the Holy Ghost will guide us simply because we’re doing what is right. Lots of the times we won’t even notice we are being guided by the spirit. But we have to put ourselves in environments where the spirit can dwell. Wow, it was just great :) 
         Well that was my week :) Can’t believe this transfer is almost over! But it is what it is. Time flies. You think I’d learn that by now...
Hope you all have a great week! I know I'll have a great week because I get to watch conference! Woo woo! :) Love you all sooooo much! See you SOON.

Hermana Roper 

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