Monday, September 29, 2014

Go To the Temple!

Hellooooo :)
        Love the pictures! Okay before I go any farther.... This keyboard likes to type random a´s so I’m sorry for the bad grammar haha. Anyway... looks like Ty is a dancin fool! ;) and love the mustaches Haidyn :) And of course mom´s always the one who has to embarrass everyone and wear a huge diaper to school.... 
        Anyway it was a good week here :) I think we got rid of the bed bugs yay!!! :) I’m pretty happy about that :) 
        Our investigators are doing great. Buuuuut.... they didn’t come to church :( we went and tried to pick them all up and they didn’t even answer the door. Daniel did but Mary is sick so they couldn’t come :( man it was a bummer but hopefully this week. But this coming weekend is elections here in Piura and it’s against the law to have meetings of any type soooo we don’t have church :( and we don’t get to watch conference either :( but on the bright side, it’s also against the law to drink during elections so that should be soooo stinking great :) 
        We also had intercambios this week, which was super fun :) I was with Hermana Finlinson. She’s in my group. And SO funny! We were knockin on doors and she straight up got pooped on by a bird. Funniest thing of my life hahaha. Oh man. She felt it and was like, "Please tell me I did not just get pooped on...." but sure enough her back was covered in some smelly yellow stuff lol so then the person answered the door and just started laughing at us. Safe to say she definitely didn’t let us in her house.... But she did give us some toilet paper to clean up a bit lol. Stupid birds. 
        But I learned a lot from Hermana Finlinson. She’s great. She has a lot of confidence in herself as a daughter of God. We were talking and she was like, "If we complain about the way we are, it’s like we´re telling God that His creation isn’t good enough. When we don’t love ourselves, we are insulting God. We are so amazing! Inside and out!" It’s so true. We´re all different, but we´re all amazing. 
        I’m so glad you got to see the Women’s Conference Broadcast! How great was that? Wow! I just came away feeling SO dang loved. We all did. God loves me TODAY. And tomorrow. And the next day :) and always! It’s so great! Okay that was random... Anyway.... I’m excited for conference :)
        Okay so kinda funny story. Elder Allan and Elder Riquelme are in our ward here in Ignacio Merino. They were teaching the Plan of Salvation and asked the little kid which kingdom he wanted to go to, the celestial, terrestrial or telestial (I have no idea how to say them all in English gosh dang it) and the little kid says, "I think I wanna go to the Telestial Kingdom cause that’s where all the famous people are gonna go." Haha good one. So I guess if the Celestial Kingdom seems a little too difficult to reach, we can always chill with Justin Bieber in the Telestial Kingdom ;)
        I love teaching little kids!I think I’ve found like 10 kids in this area that I wanna put in my suitcase and take home. This area definitely has the cutest little kids! Just sayin :)
Okay really... Not much has happened this week so I’m rambling... But it’s about time too go now anyway :) Hope you all have a great week! :) 
        Hey wait. I remember something I wanted to tell you guys. Go to the temple! And do your family history! They talked a lot about that at the women’s broadcast and I loved it. I think sometimes we forget how blessed we are to be so near to temples. In Utah there are temples everywhere! Here they have to drive 16 hours! We are so blessed. Anyway... Go to the temple :) 
        Okay now time to go. Have a great week! I love you all soooooo much and pray for you all every day :)

Hermana Roper
I look like I have chicken pox!

Bed bugs aren't very fun at all :(

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