Monday, September 22, 2014

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Hey there everyone! :) 
         Okay first of all... I need you all to remember how much you love me as you’re reading this letter okay? And remember how you are all excited for me to come home? I’d like you to keep that thought in mind during this letter haha.
         But let’s start with all the good things that happened this week okay? :) So the Leyton family (Mary and Daniel) are married!!! YAY! We had to think of a way to make them tell us and my companion was like, "Gringas are always more nosey so just ask if you can see pictures of their wedding" haha. So I did :) And they didn’t show me but they talked about their wedding so its all good :) it worked! The best part was that Mary was like, "We only got married here in Piura, but the temple is next. But we need to get baptized first right?" Right! I told you guys. They’re so great. 
         The other family that I didn’t have time to tell you about is Victor and Sujail. Victor is a member. He’s an RM and is inactive. But we went and visited them and his wife is dying to get married in the temple. He’s told her about it and she loves everything about it. She has a baptismal date for the 18th of October. She just needs to attend church. To get baptized now, they have to attend 3 times, all 3 hours and pay a fast offering so she needs to come to church 3 Sundays in a row. She needs all the prayers she can get haha. She has 3 little Chuckies as kids (remember that movie with the crazy doll?) and so we’re gonna go over on Sundays to help get em there on time. We’ll see how it goes :) Love them though! 
         We also found a new family this week :) As a mission we’re focusing a ton on families, which has been great :) This family isn’t married and I forgot their names lol. We have a lesson with them this Saturday because her husband will be gone all week. Contacting them for the first time was soooo awkward though! President Rowley has made the rule that we do NOT let a family pass us by without talking to them. I love it, but sometimes it’s awkward lol. It was super awkward with them. We passed by em and I wasn’t gonna contact em but then I could just see President Rowley in my mind shaking his head haha, so we flipped around and the husband just literally stared at us without saying a word. When I’m nervous my Spanish skills go out the window so I was a stuttering mess and my companion got stage fright or something and left me there stuttering lol. But somehow we made another appointment and went back and his wife was great. She was like, "You said your message helps families. We need help in our family. We’re really interested." Yay! Worth the embarrassment! In the mission I seriously have no shame now haha. Who cares what people think? What’s important is what God thinks. 
         Okay now ready for the craziness? Remember how much you love me though, please. Okay... Here it goes.... I have bed bugs. I should’ve been using the flea collar Leigh gave me lol. Because now we really have a problem. It all started Tuesday. Well, actually it started a long time ago. My companion had been having a rash kind of thing over a month ago. The doctor said she was allergic to something and didn’t really pay attention. He gave her pills and called it good. Well, her rash kept getting worse so I made her call Hermana Rowley. Hermana Rowley came over and we sprayed our beds just in case something was there and came back in the afternoon after lunch and just laid on the floor because our beds smelled like spray. Hermana Ordoñez went and grabbed her pillow and a little bit later found a bug crawling on her arm and freaked out haha. So we were like hmmmm, maybe we should check our beds. We went and flipped em over and there were tonssss! So then we freaked out some more and called Hermana Rowley. Hermana Rowley is the best person in the world :) We spent the day with her cleaning and buying spray and trying whatever we could to get rid of em. She loved us even when we had disgusting bugs! Yep. She rocks. Anyway... We spent Wednesday with her and she let us stay in the mission home all week. Wednesday night I also started a nice rash. Yaaaay. :( Over 80 bites alllllll over! Anyway... We tried a ton of stuff but finally ended up burning our mattresses :) Die bed bugs! DIE!!! They seriously are hard to get rid of. They can go 300 days without eating! So we just got new mattresses (we wrapped them in plastic just to be safe haha) and sprayed the room down :) We are also still washing all our clothes. What a crazy week! Now we just look like we have chicken pox and are constantly scratching lol.  People just look at us like, "What is wrong with you???...." Hopefully it heals soon or we won’t be finding any new investigators.... Hopefully you guys remember how much you love me and want me home still ;) Bed bugs and all! 
         Despite all the craziness, it’s been a good week :) We are really finding great new investigators. When I got here I thought  I was going to scream because nobody was progressing and ahhhh!!!! it was frustrating. But we have really made a lot of progress this week :)  Even with bed bugs       I love being a missionary :) Nothing that’s worth it is ever going to be easy. It’s not easy, but hearing a family tell you, "I need your help", makes me feel so great. There’s nothin like it. I know God loves us. I know he is aware of everything we go through. He is there and will always be there. He understands us better than we understand ourselves. 
         Hope you have a great week! Love you all so much! :)

Hermana Roper

Bed Bugs :(


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