Monday, September 15, 2014

God Has A Plan

Hi family,
         I’m so tired. We had an activity today and we’re all here in internet, soaking wet and pooped. I think we’re all gonna be sore tomorrow..... haha.  Anyway this week was good! I will say though if all of my time in this area is gonna be as crazy, I might be headed home a little early ;) haha jk but really it was a crazy week.
         I’m not sure what to think about the area yet. Hermana Ordoñez hasn’t really talked too good about it so I’m thinkin we have lots of work to do after what we’ve seen this week, but we can do it :)
         Okay let’s start with the good. We found two AMAZING families this week! Really, they are so great. I might only have time to tell you about one of them. Daniel and Mary. They were a referral. We went Wednesday night. Daniel is so great. He can barely walk. A year ago he had an accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down, but after a reeeeally long year he can now get his way around and use a few of his fingers. He inspires me! Mary is his wife (we think they’re married. We asked how many years they’ve been married and they said, "We got together 3 years ago" and didn’t want to tell us anything about marriage.) They love everything though! Mary lost her dad 8 years ago and is pretty hurt about that. She can’t seem to get over it. She loves everything about the gospel so far. She was even excited to say the closing prayer! That never happens lol! Anyway, they’re great.
         And yep there’s not much time to tell about the other family. You guys aren’t even gonna get pictures this week. Sorry! But right now we’re in Morropon. We went to a waterfall today. It will be fun, they said. It will be relaxing, they said. They lied!!!  But next week I´ll make up for it yeah? :) You’ll have lots of pictures next week!
         Anyway... wanna hear the craziness that happened?! Someone died in the middle of one of our lessons! No, really. We were teaching a less active, Joel, and all of a sudden everyone starts screaming and running around and I had no idea what was going on. My companion forgot to tell me the grandpa was really sick. He just died right there! It was my first lesson with them! We just started hugging them, trying to help them out. I may have broken a few rules in the process.... I may or may not have had a guy hugging me and bawling and I may or may not have had to hold a baby when her mom just pretty much chucked her at me ha. I hope the Lord understands. But it was a rough day. We couldn’t concentrate alllll day and it was just awful. The grandpa wasn’t a member. I just hope this whole thing can bring the family together. I think it will. Joel’s wife (they’re having major issues) actually came to say the closing prayer and sing a hymn with us yesterday and I guess she NEVER comes out to see us. Little by little :) Everything happens for a reason. Hermana Ordoñez and I are scarred for life, but we know God has a plan for their family. 
         This week really has been crazy. It’s an area that I guess is really hard, but I’ve loved it here. I think I’ve worn my companion out this week, but there’s just so much to do! 
         Okay wow, time is running out sorry, sorry, sorry! Love you all so much! :) Hope you all have the best week! And Happy Birthday Saturday Tyson! Can’t believe you’ll be 18! Save me some cake okay? I´ll be there shortly :) Anywhooo i really love you all so much, more than you know :) later alligators! 

Hermana Roper 

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