Monday, September 8, 2014

Ignacio Merino, Here I Come!

Hello everyone :)
         Yes, I got transferred! I’m now in Ignacio Merino in Piura. It’s like right next to my last area in Piura. I’ve already seen two people from my last area so its pretty great :) I’m with Hermana Ordoñez from Lima. She’s 23 and was Hermana Rivera’s companion in the MTC. We’ve spent the day with the other sisters here shopping and eating pizza so its been a great start :)
         As excited as I am to see what happens in this area, it was super hard to leave Sullana :( I love them so much! They’re so great. We had a nice goodbye party last night and I didn’t want to leave. I now feel like I have family in Piura and Sullana. And good ole Ferron of course ;)
         It was a good week though. Jefferson got baptized and everything went great :) He’s gonna be such a great example for his family. 
And remember how I told you all to pray for Omar? Well he is the greatest! We met with him like 3 times this week. He loves everything! His dad is sick and dying and he is always home alone because his mom is with his dad in the hospital. He just told us he feels super alone. He’s seen us a lot (He lives right by Jefferson) but didn’t think anything of it. Then one day I wanted to buy some candy (Yep. I haven’t changed) and started talkin to him. He accepted to see us and since then he’s just lovin it. We told him about prophets and apostles and he was like, "Wait you mean to tell me there’s a prophet AND apostles just like when Jesus was here on Earth??..." Yep :) Then we made him pray. Yep. He didn’t want to. But we knew if he didn’t do it with us he wasn’t gonna do it. And he did it :) and it was AWESOME. He got done and the spirit was so strong and I asked him how he felt and he was so funny. He was like, "Umm... I feel like I want to cry. Is that normal?..." He’s just so great and I’m kinda bummed I wont be there to see him progress, but he’ll do good :)
         And yes, this week was Hermana Rivera’s birthday and it was great :) I planned another surprise :) And she didn’t even suspect a thing. Oh yeah! But I’m so done with eating cake for at least a month. THREE cakes. We wanted to puke. It’s definitely diet time this week. Wowzers. It was good though :) 
         We also had a cool experience this week. There was one day when seriously NOBODY wanted us! We were feeling so bummed. We were sweaty, moody, sore and just so ready to be done for the day. That’s when a guy in a moto starts shouting, "Elders! Elders!" Me, being the brat I am sometimes, turned around and was like, "Hermanas! We’re Hermanas, not Elders!" Hermana Rivera just started laughing but the guy ended up being an investigator of some of the other Elders haha. Oooops. My bad. Anyway, he just started goin off about how great we are. He was like, "You two are courageous. You have courage. Keep going. Keep going until the end. You will receive your reward. You’ve left behind so much and God is going to bless you. Just keep going. I imagine its hard, but you’re both changing lives every day." It was amazing. I honestly felt like God was talking to us through him. Hermana Rivera felt the same. It was so neat to know that God loves us SO much that he is aware of how we feel and sends people to help and lift us up. I definitely felt God’s love that day. 
         Okay well that’s about all I can remember at the moment haha. I’m excited for this new transfer :) Its getting really close to the end but I feel good knowing that I’ve done all I could do in my areas before and I feel excited knowing that there are great experiences waiting for us here in Ignacio Merino. I know that change is good. It’s good to get out of our comfort zone. That’s when we grow :)
         Hope you all have a great week! :) LOVE YOU ALL! :) See you in just three lil months :) 

Hermana Roper 

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