Monday, October 13, 2014

God And His Easy Plan

Hellooooo! :) 
         Who’s a happy girl because she got to see conference? ME! It was great :) And I got to see it in English for the first time in tooooo long. That was the greatest :) Pretty much here only the missionaries show up and the members only come on Sunday morning, but it was still fun. 
Wow I learned so much though! I left my notes in our room, but I remember my favorite talk was one about spiritual confidence from a guy that I can’t remember how to say his name. Jorg or something? But wow. He spoke very boldly. It was just great. It made me think a lot about the changes I need to make and who I want to be. 
         I don’t remember who said it, but someone said that God will never make us into something we don’t choose to become. LOVED that. He’s not going to make decisions for us. But He will help us become who He knows we can be. We just need to do something so He at least has somethin to work with. I just loved conference! I remember when I thought it was boring....
         Okay for the first time this transfer we had an investigator at church! haha he came to conference Sunday. His name is Genciano. That was great :) He’s an older man, to put it nicely, and when I got here I wanted to stop visiting him, but I’m glad we didn’t. He’s comin around. Slowly, but surely :) 
         We are also teaching a new family. Mary Agurto. She’s the neighbor of some less actives we´re trying to rescue and is SO amazing. I won’t lie. Walkin into her house I was SO humbled. It stinks beyond belief because of the animals running around, and I was scared to sit on her couch after all the bed bugs we´ve had, but the spirit I felt in that humble home can’t even be described. We´re teaching her, her 15 year old son, Bill, and her other two daughters that are 12 and 7.  Her husband won’t come out, but we´ll see this week. They love what we are teaching, but her and her husband aren’t married. And money will obviously be an issue. But I know God knows what He´s doing and He knows how they can do it. 
         Sujail on the other hand is just bugging us. She will not do ANYTHING. She wants to go to church, but doesn’t wake up. She wants to read, but doesn’t have time. She wants to go to the temple, but needs to be baptized, but she can’t get baptized because she doesn’t read and doesn’t go to church! Can you see the problem?? Man. Women! But we´ll see what happens this week. It’s just frustrating. We know the Gospel brings happiness, but why are we so darn lazy sometimes? God has made His plan as easy as I think He possibly could. He wants us to succeed. But we have to do our part :) What Sujail needs is a trial to bring her closer to God :) 
         One last thing before I run out of time. Thank you SO much mom and dad for all you’ve done. Conference really made me realize just how blessed I have been my whole life. You two have raised us in a home filled with LOVE. I’ve never questioned the love you have for us. You have taught us all the things we need to do, and you have always been there. I know it hasn’t been easy to raise us three brats, but you made it look like a piece of cake. Thank you SO much! I always knew my family was the best, but being here in a place where a loving family is so rare, I now KNOW without a doubt, my family is the best. Love you both sooo much :)
         Well, it’s been a good week :) Hope you all have a great week! Talk to you next week and see you in seven! woot woot :) Love you all! 

Hermana Roper 

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