Monday, June 23, 2014

Remember The Small Things

Hello there familia :)
         How’s everyone? Sounds like everyone is enjoying SUMMER! I freaking LOVE the picture of dad and Haidyn! I probably laughed for a good five minutes haha! SO funny! My family is so darn funny :) 
         This week was a lot better! I love Hermana Rivera. She’s the greatest! We’ve had so much fun this week. Things have changed lots! 
This week I felt like we were starting from scratch. After Sandra and Joel didn’t get married, Luz pretty much won’t accept a baptismal date and Michelli either. Sooo... There goes four investigators. I felt like the bad guy this week! We had a training this week and they pretty much said if the couple isn’t married, don’t waste your time unless you have a good reason. And as of right now Sandra and Joel aren’t getting married until they work out their problems. Sandra has alllll the lessons, so we can’t really add much more. Hermana Callizaya and I were always with the Cisneros family, but this week things have changed. We still visited them, but only once. We went for the second time and Luz was quite upset with me :( She said that since Hermana Callizaya left, we don’t love her anymore. That’s definitely not the case! But we´re not quite sure what else to do. We´ve decided to visit them once a week, and let the members help us out. When they want to progress, great :) But we don’t have time to lose! So that’s the deal with the Cisneros family right now. Gotta do what ya gotta do.
         That meant that Hermana Rivera and I had to find lots of new investigators. Lets just say we walked A LOT and talked to A LOT of people. At first, we didn’t really have much luck and we were both discouraged, but it all paid off :) We were visiting everyone and asking everyone for referrals. We ended up finding TWO families! :) We ended up finding one guy, Teodoro, who wanted nothing to do with us haha, but his two daughters were very interesting. Vanessa and Aracely and Vanessa’s daughter Ariana. Teodoro was a referral. His wife just passed away two weeks ago from cancer and he’s super sad. He’s mad at God though because he said God didn’t heal her. We were showing them pictures of our families and Aracely asked me, "Don’t you miss your mom?" and I was like, "Well, of course I do! But I know I´ll see her again soon."  Aracely said, "You have hope you´ll see her again. We don’t. We don’t get to see our mom again." So we started talking about eternal families and it was AWESOME. Teodoro didn’t want to listen, but we´ll work on him this week :) So sad to me to think people can actually believe eternal families don’t exist. How lucky we are to know that we can be together forever. :) 
         We´re also working a lot with less actives. There’s one family, the Saldarriaga Icanaque family that we´re workin with a lot. Yeah, their name is the hardest name to say! From day one I’ve called them Familia Grande haha. They know it, too, and always make fun of me. But they are a big family! 10 kids! Then the mom, dad, and I don’t even know how many grandkids. They’re all starting to come to church :) They fill up like two rows haha but it’s the best. Working with less actives is just as great as an investigator, and SO important. If we rescue this family, its more than 15 people that have come closer to Christ :) It´ll be awesome.
         No embarrassment this week, thank goodness. Sorry :) I have been thinking a lot this week about Alma 37 though. Read it! It’s one of my favorites. We can’t stop doing the small and simple things! God’s plan is the easy way. Sometimes we just complicate things. We can’t get lazy just because of the easiness of the way. The thing is though, is that when people fall away from the church or get involved in things they shouldn’t, it’s because they’ve stopped doing the simple things like praying, reading scriptures, ad going to church. It’s not that one day they just decide to be bad. It’s a process and it starts with the small things we do every day. I´ll admit it, before the mission I hardly ever read, and only prayed occasionally and it wasn’t that big of a deal if I skipped church. But I can see such a HUGE difference in my life doing these small things. The small things make a huge difference. :) Okay. I’m done. :)
         Out of time :( LOVE YOU ALL! Have the best week :) Don’t have too much fun yeah? ;) 

Hermana Roper 

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