Monday, June 30, 2014

We Can Always Do Better

Hello there familia :) 
         Love the pictures! So jealous! I miss the temple! You´re all lookin great though :) And Haidyn... Didn’t I tell you to stop getting big?? Sheesh. You never listen. Lil punk. And Tyson... You look like a full grown man. What are you eating?!?! And mom... I can’t wait to wear all the cute clothes you´re buying haha. You all look great though :) 
         This week didn’t quite go as expected. We were all ready to work super hard and then my companion ended up on crutches all week. Soooo... That sucked. But it was still a good week :) What happened was that in her last area she hurt her foot. She went to the doctor to get it checked and he took one look at it and was like, "It’s fine," so we kept working. But then it swelled up and was all purple so we went to a different doctor and he was more of like, "Why have you just kept walking?!?" and told her she needs to rest 10 days. We couldn’t find members to help us do divisions so we were stuck in the room two days until we got some crutches. Crutches are kinda hard to use here though haha. She found that one out the hard way! It took us like 30 minutes to get from appointment to appointment buuuut we did what we could :)
         This week we did have Consejo de Lideres which I LOVE. I have no idea how to say that in English. Leaders Council?? Whatever. I have no idea. But it’s when the zone leaders and sister training leaders go to the mission home all day and learn good stuff :) It’s my favorite. This time we talked a lot about not giving up. As a mission, we didn’t reach our goals. Lots of missionaries ended up thinking they were bad missionaries or something, but that’s not it at all. President Rowley went to a training this week with Elder Oaks and Elder Oaks was like, "We don’t accept things as they are. We can always do better.” Then we talked a lot about the type of missionaries we want to be. President Rowley asked us, "How would you like to be remembered?" It really got me thinking though about the kind of missionary I´d like to be remembered as. Or the type of person. We have the opportunity to change every single day. We make decisions that we will be remembered for every day as well. We all should think about the person we´d like to be. I’ve been thinking a lot about that this week. Will I want to be the person I’ve become, when all is said and done?? I sure hope so :)
         So after Consejo de Lideres we take all the stuff we learn and have a zone meeting and teach it all to our zone. I’m still not a fan of teaching big groups of people. But to make it even worse, President Rowley decided to do a surprise visit to our meeting haha. It ended up going great though :) I do love the Zone Sullana :) Our zone leaders are super great. 
         Okay so the familia Grande is still great :) We had Family Home Evening with them last night. SOO fun! I haven’t had FHE be that fun in a long time. We ended the night with games and ended up all covered in flour and our stomachs hurt from laughing so hard. The bigger the family, the more fun right? Right! The best part of the night was that we found a new investigator! Andres :) He’s the only son out of the 10 that’s not a member. He was always telling us no though. He was always like, "I go to my church. I don’t want to listen." But last night as we´re leaving he asks us, "Hermanas. When are you coming back to teach me?? Tell me the day and the hour and I´ll be there." Whaaaat?! I was shocked! We´re gonna teach him Tuesday. I’m excited :)
         And I have a kinda funny story. Well, it wasn’t funny when it happened, but now I can laugh :) So we got a phone call Saturday (luckily we were in our room because we forgot something) from two Elders freeeaking out. They had a baptism scheduled and there was no water at their church. So they asked us to get ahold of the keys to the stake center (because who can say no to two sister missionaries?? ;) haha) so we did and went over to meet them at the church. We got the water running and were waiting for the Elders to show up so we could leave and go to another appointment. Well then a guy from the church walks in so we figured we could leave and he could watch over things. Wellllll little detail. We forgot to turn off the water... Yeah.... Good one. So the whole place was flooded. Another little detail... Stake conference was that same night, just an hour after the baptism... Yeah.... Reeeeal good one. Our poor mission leader walked into a flooded church and I guess everyone they could find was helping them clean haha. I felt so bad! Our mission leader just laughed though, thank goodness. Poor guy. I need to buy him chocolate or something. 
         Anyway, it was a good week :) This week we have multizone conference in Talara Saturday so that should be great. Hermana Rivera will be on crutches until Friday though so that’s a bummer. We´re hoping to get a little more done though, or get some more help from members. It should be a great week.
         Hope you all have a great week and never forget that I love you all more than you can imagine! :)

Hermana Roper 

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