Monday, July 7, 2014

Gotta Get Back Up On Our Horse

Hello familia! 
         This week was great :) Sorry, this letter might be short, but I send sooo many pictures so I don’t even wanna hear it!  We were able to work lots harder this week. And I didn’t flood any churches, so it was a great week I would say haha. 
         We found lots of great, new investigators, had baptisms, and Multizone Conference. It was great. 
         The Chuyes family is now baptized! Now the mom just needs to get married and we’re good to go :) But they got baptized on the 4th of July. So yep, my 4th of July was better than yours :) (But I did love all the pics of you guys on the 4th) They were all confirmed yesterday too. Remember how something bad always happens when there’s a baptism? This time it was that Yessica didn’t want to come out of the bathroom because she said she looked fat in her baptism clothes. Yep. Something always happens. After 20 minutes we got her to come out though lol. And you guys think I’m a drama queen?? I think she’s got me beat! I think she’s even got Haidyn beat! But they all go baptized so that’s what’s important :)
Andres came to the baptism too! We haven’t been able to teach him yet though. He got out of work late. He liked the baptism though. He’s a keeper :) 
         Another investigator came to the baptism. Her name is Rossani. Rossani is what we call an eternal investigator. She’s had sooo many baptismal dates and went through soooo many missionaries. But we got her to enter the church after six months! 
         Cool story about her though. We haven’t really been visiting her. But we were close to her house with nowhere to go so we decided, what the heck let’s go to Rossani’s house. We walked in and she was all normal at first but then just started bawling. (I always feel awkward in moments like this one...) But then she starts telling us what had happened.
         I guess she had been having problems with her daughter. Her daughter just left and she hasn’t heard from her in weeks. Rossani was home alone though Friday and got the thought that the only way her daughter would come see her is if it was in the hospital. So she starting thinking about ways she could harm herself enough to go to the hospital but not die. Like, seriously?!? So as she’s thinking this, her little five year old walks in with two flowers and was like, "Mommy! Look what I brought for you!" and she said she just started bawling. Then we knock on the door. God is amazing! He has a plan. Being in Rossani’s house was the last place we expected to be, but because we followed the Spirit she ended up not harming herself and was able to feel the love that God has for her. It was one of those moments when it was just like wow... God knows what he’s doing. Then the coolest part. She came to the baptism that night and the next day her daughter called. Coincidence? I think not :) 
         Conference was great too! We went to Talara. We talked a lot about failures. I loved what President Rowley said. He said that a missionary isn’t a failure until he or she stops fighting. He talked about a John Wayne movie haha. He loves John Wayne! He told us that it’s not how many times we fall, but it’s how many times we get back on our horse and keep trying. LOVED it. Sometimes we think we need to be perfect, but we don’t. We just need to keep trying. Just get up and try one more time :) One day we’ll reach our goals, but for now we’ve gotta get back on our horse. 
         It was a great week, but it had its downs too. Last night was horrible!! We were going to appointments with a member, Cristell. She’s Yessica’s, Carlos’ and Yovanni’s older sister. She has a different dad. (She’s in the pics with the pattern leggings). Well, her dad has been sick for three months in the hospital, but they finally let him come home. We decided after we were done visiting the Familia Grande that we’d go visit her dad and step sister. We walk up and there was a ton of people outside. Our first though was, ‘Oh there’s a fiesta! Buuuut no. Cristell just started saying, "No no no no. Don’t say it, don’t say it!" and then just hugged us bawling :( Her dad passed away yesterday. I’ve never ever imagined how an experience like that would be, but we were in the middle of it. It was SO sad. She was so happy. Her family had just gotten baptized Friday, confirmed, and she was so excited to introduce us to her dad and then all that happened. What I’m SO grateful for though is eternal families. I’m SO grateful for my eternal family. We aren’t just here by chance. We’re a part of a plan. HIS plan. I’m so grateful for His plan. It was a rough night, and tonight is going to be rough too. The ward’s gonna do a devotional though so it should be good. Man, I’m just so grateful to be able to share the knowledge of eternal families though! 
         Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Tomorrow I’m going to LIMA! Woot woot! :) Guess what that means?! A hot shower! And pizza! Yay! I’m gonna be there till Wednesday. I’m crossing my fingers I get to go to the temple! :)
Anywhoooo... Hope you all have a great week! No funny or embarrassing stories this week. :) Love you all sooo much!

Hermana Roper 

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