Monday, June 16, 2014

Gotta Have Faith

Hellooooo everyone! :)
         I’m still here in good ole Sullana :) Hermana Callizaya, however, is not :( She got transferred. I’m with Hermana Rivera from Lima. I’m pretty sure we're gonna get along great :) We already seem to have a lot in common. It will be great!
         As for this week however.... It wasn’t all that great. Everything seemed to go wrong! I was sick, Sandra didn’t get married which means she didn’t get baptized, there wasn’t, and still isn’t, any water in Sullana, and then the craziness of transfers. It was alllll crazy! 
         Last Monday we ended up going out to eat as a zone. We went to some restaurant and guess who ended up getting sick? Me :( If anyone heard of a sister missionary throwing up in the middle of a lesson thaaaat would be me. Oooops. My bad. It was sooo embarrassing!! I felt sick before going into the lesson, but was just thinking, "Okay you can do this. Just make it through one more lesson and you can puke at home" buuuut no. We were having family home evening with the Cisneros Family and teachin about the Word of Wisdom, talking about how if we don’t do drugs or drink, we’ll be healthy and all that good stuff.  Then there goes Hermana Roper running out the door puking... AWESOME. And that, my friends, is how it’s done. Bam. 
         So embarrassing though! All week they’ve been laughing saying I've made my mark in their home. Reeeeal funny, guys, but actually no. I made my mark outside of your house behind your car...Haha. 
But I'm good now :) I was super sick all that night but our zone leaders came over the next day and gave me a blessing Turns out nobody else ended up getting sick either sheesh! 
         Anyway... After that nice start to the week it got even better. Wednesday (Yes, two days before the wedding) Sandra decided not to get married. I do see her point though. I don’t want her marrying him at this point either. They need to work things out. He’s great, but it’s not the time. I admire her so much though! She was willing to get married just so she could get baptized! But she finally opened up to us all the way Wednesday and told us about their relationship. She had always told us they had problems, but she shrugged it off like it was over with. There is definitely hope they’ll work it out though so that's good:) It's because the wedding was planned for Friday the13th! ;) The Elders in our district keep telling me they didn't get married because they were scared I’d throw up at their wedding like I did at their house... Reeeal funny. Let’s just all make fun of Hermana Roper... 
         Oh and last, but not least, NO WATER. Nothing. There still isn’t any. Two days without a shower and we finally had to travel to the other sister’s apartment to shower lol. They definitely don’t mention these little things about missionary work in the Liahona! But... It’s all good :) Who needs showers nowadays? Not us! ;)
         As discouraged at  as I was this week, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve been thinking a lot about faith this week. Everything we do is by faith. Every day isn’t gonna be great. Things aren’t always gonna work out, but if we have faith, then we have hope that one day we’ll understand why. If we have faith though, we have to DO something. Faith is more than just believing. Everyone has heard that faith moves mountains. It really does. Faith moves mountains, but sometimes God just gives us a shovel. We have to do OUR part. Even when we don't understand why. With Hermana Sandra, I have no idea why any of this happened, but I have faith it will work out so we’re gonna keep working and teaching her and praying for her. If we have faith we will always act. So at times when we don’t understand the reasons for things, we just need to have faith and keep hoping that one day we will. It will alll work out :) 
         Welp. This week will be better :) I’m excited for this transfer! Hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Roper 

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