Monday, June 9, 2014

I Know God Loves Me

Hello everyone :) 
         Another week gone by! Transfers are next Monday and I can’t even believe it. I’m not sure what will happen but we will see what the Lord has planned :) 
         It was a great week. Marcos got baptized! I was so excited for this baptism. He was an investigator that wanted it SO bad. He honestly gave up everything. But when we got there, NOBODY was there. It was awful. It was us, two other Elders in the ward, and Marcos. The Elders took off to a payphone to call members and a few ended up showing up.... Two hours later. We sat there with him and I just wanted to cry for him. But the thing that amazed me was that he wasn’t sad one bit. It wasn’t important to him who was there. He was getting baptized and that’s all that mattered to him. What an example! Seriously. He was also confirmed Sunday. He came in the first time in his nice shirt and suit pants :) He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. Love it!
         We also had exchanges and it was a blast :) I was with Hermana Finlinson from Utah. She is hilarious! We stayed up waaaay too late just laughing. (Shhh don’t tell anyone.) The next day we were so tired, buuuut oops. haha. One thing we learned is how awful our English is! We could not remember how to say "cliff hanger." We went around all day saying "hang cliffer" and it sounded right to us haha. My English is so bad. I’m pretty sure if I take an English class when I get back I’m going to fail. No doubt about it. 
         Anyway... As of now Sandra is still getting married Friday. She has her baptismal interview Thursday. We are praying like crazy for Hermana Luz. She still doesn’t know what to do. We'll see what happens. 
         We also found a family!! :) Cristel is a member. She’s 19 and super active. She introduced us to her sister who’s 13 and wants to get baptized. We went over and met the whole family. There’s also the mom, Mary, another sister, Yovani that’s nine years old, and Carlos who is ten. The first night there Mary told us that our message was great and all, but that it would be really difficult for her to change. Well, we went the next day and the WHOLE family accepted to be baptized! There’s only a small detail. Okay, it’s a big detail. Her "husband" is married.... To another lady.  Yep. I even asked her how long she had been married. I was suuuper specific and she told me 15 years. So then my companion asked where she got married (because they tend to lie and say they’re married when they’re not...) and then the truth came out. She said she’s willing to get married though so she can get baptized. They’re an amazing family! I don’t want transfers :(
         One thing that made my entire week was my interview with President Rowley. It just happened to be on June 5th. What a great way to celebrate the one-year mark eh? But it was amazing. He asked me why I loved my mission. So I told him I love my mission for lots of reasons, but mostly because of the person it’s made me become. And then he just looked at me with those huge, loving eyes and was like, "Who are you now?" Such a simple question, but wow, it sure made me think. I think a lot of the time when someone asks who we are we just say our name and where we’re from, but to stop and think about who we are is different. I feel like I’m someone who is a lot more confident. I know God loves me. I know I’m not perfect, but hey who is? 
         We also talked about goals. My goal from the last interview was to improve my prayers. I told him that I was doing better. I said I feel like my Heavenly Father knows me a lot better. Then he just stared at me (Yes, with his big, loving eyes) and said, "Your Heavenly Father knew you before. He’s known you all along. Maybe now you've just come to know Him." Yep. That definitely went in my journal that night. It was one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard! 
         My goal for this next transfer is to follow the Spirit,. Sometimes I second guess myself and don’t follow promptings but President Rowley told me, "If we don’t care who gets the credit, we will accomplish miracles." Isn’t he awesome??
         I’m almost out of time. I love you all so much! Have the best week! 

Hermana Roper 

P.S. Today is Riccardo’s birthday. Guess what he’s askin his mom for? To be baptized!! Please pray for him too :) Okay? Thanks :) 

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