Monday, April 21, 2014

We Remember Him Every Day :)

Hola Familia :)
         Another week in Sullana! It’s been a good, but super crazy busy week. I’m lovin Sullana more every day :) Easter was good here…. Just like any other day haha. Yes they celebrate here… BIG time. They’re big time Catholics so it’s crazy! It was so hard to even find anyone to teach all weekend cause they were all inside watching Jesus movies! One guy asked Hermana Callizaya why us Mormons don’t do anything special for Easter and why we don’t remember him and what he did for us and she was like, “Us Mormons remember Him every day. We don’t need a special weekend to remember what He did for us.” That’s right! It’s true though. We should remember Him every day. I’m glad you all had a great Easter though J Everyone looks so great!
         This week, like  I said, was  a crazy one. We had two exchanges and guess what? I survived! The first one was with Hermana Stringham from Salt Lake. She is hilarious! Also a blog stalker haha. Just like you Mom! But sooo funny. She reminds me a lot of me when I first started the mission… Just stressed about the language. But it DOES come. We had a lot of fun, and of course it’s always fun to vent in English J We ended up going back to the room early though because it was like nobody has ever seen two Americans or something! Everyone was staring… And it was dark… And the men in motos are creepers… So we were smarties and headed back to the room haha.
         The second exchange was with Hermana Cisneros from Ecuador an that was good too. Oh! Speaking of Ecuador… I’m going to Ecuador Friday and Saturday for my visa! They just told me last night J That was random… Yep.
         Anyway…. Our investigators are good. The buggers just won’t come to church! Moises came, but doesn’t want to accept a baptismal date. He just says he wants to get baptized, but not right now. What the heck?? Oh! We finally got to teach their mom again and she loves it. I don’t see how this family isn’t baptized already. Seriously.,. She is the sweetest! She said she has a lot of faith and now all that’s left is to choose a religion.
         We also have a new investigator Reyneri. She’s a cutie. She’s 12 and her mom is a member. She should be getting baptized here in two weeks-ish.
         One bummer of the week: Ricardo’s mom. Seriously. We had one of those missionary experiences like Elder Holland talked about in Conference except I didn’t walk away with potatoes in my hair. So she’s the one that wont let him get baptized. Well Saturday night we didn’t have any credit on our phone to call people and the closest place to get some is at the bus station. She works in a little snack shack there and we had been talking to her every once in a while until she sent us a text and asked us to stop. Well, we decided to go back. She let us have it! She pretty much told us that Ricardo won’t be baptized till he’s 25 and if he does she’s kicking him out. She had Hermana Callizaya in tears and then I just had to smile and tell her, “Thank you for letting Ricardo come to church. We know he’s who he is because he’s had a mom like you as an example.” That’s proof I’ve changed! Ooooo I wanted to tell her some other not very nice things… But I’m a missionary. I’m a representative of Jesus Christ. And I couldn’t. And it was so hard. We don’t know what to do now. She said if we or he insists to be baptized she won’t let him attend church. We also can’t go teach him anymore… So that was seriously a bummer. We’ve been quite bummed about that.
         Sorry this letter is so short. This computer wouldn’t work and AHHH. I had to switch computers like three times. I promise pictures and a longer letter next week! J Love you all so much!

Hermana Roper  

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