Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm Killing The Mosquitoes!

Well hello there everyone :) 
It was a GREAT week! Wanna know why? Yeah? Okay :) Moises and Jesus accepted a baptismal date!! Can I get woot woot?! Oh yeah :) Moises accepted first and then when Jesus found out he was like, well I wanna be baptized too :) Jesus was adorable. He told us that when we come to his house it’s like there’s two angels with him and that when we´re there he can’t help but smile cause we make him happy :) Told you all I´m an angel, and you never believed me ;) It was great though.
Reyneri, another investigator, is getting baptized this coming Sunday so that should be great. What’s really great is that her mom is inactive, but since we´ve been teaching her daughter she has SO many desires to go back to church. She’s really excited and has promised to come back because she realizes something is missing in her life. It will be a great day :)
I’ve never told you about Ana I don’t think... Maybe. But this week with her was so great. She’s gotta be like 40 and is single living with her mom who’s really sick. Right now she’s taking care of two nephews as well and one is about to turn 8 so we’ve been teaching him. We were secretly really teaching her though haha. But now she knows she’s an investigator :) She really appears like a sarcastic, "I could care less", type of person, but she really opened up this week. Her whole entire family is members. Seriously. ALL of them! She’s grown up with the church. This week we challenged her to baptism though and she said no. She said she has a lot of anger against her dad who was a member but then was an alcoholic. She said she can’t ask God to forgive her when she can’t forgive her dad. She said that her dream was to grow up, get married, and have kids, but since her dad left she is here with her mom. She just started sobbing and was like, I don’t know what I’m gonna do when my mom dies. She is super sad, but we´re really trying to help her. Pray for her! She’s one of the strongest people I’ve met. She doesn’t like to show that she’s sad, but we now know the whole story and she just needs a lot of help. 
It was really cool cause we were in a lesson with her and read the scripture D&C 6:22-23. We were tryin to help her recognize that God IS answering her prayers. She read it and everything just went silent. She was just staring at the verses. Something I’ve learned in the mission is that when there’s silence the Holy Ghost can really work with a person, and that’s just what happened. She looked up and was like, "You just gave me my answer. That silence just answered my prayers. I’ve been waiting so long for an answer, and now I have it." The spirit was SO strong! She has her answer, but she just needs to do something about it. 
Lots of amazing things are happening here in Sullana. We have a new bishop, and are really working more with the ward. I’m starting to love it here like I loved it in Piura, which I never thought would happen, let’s be honest haha. But it’ ss been a great week. 
Okay funny story! So the mosquitos here have gotten worse this week and Saturday night I forgot to use repellent. I wake up Sunday morning and Hermana Callizaya is like, "How´d you sleep?" And I tell her that I slept great and she goes, "Oh really? Cause you were killing mosquitos all night in your sleep." haha! She said I was walking around our room clapping my hands in the air and she was like, "Hermana Roper, what are you doing??" And I told her "Hermana calm down. I’m killing them. I’m killing the mosquitos!!!" And then I clapped my hands in the air again and said, "Yep. Got 2 that time." Then I climbed back in my bed and went to sleep lol. What the heck?? I know I sleep talk, but seriously? Hermana Callizaya was a little freaked out but I honestly remember nothing! If one day she wakes up and I’m not there she knows why...
Anyway, it’s been a great week. You’re right, mom. Last year at this time our family became an eternal family, and it’s a week I´ll NEVER forget. I realize, now, more than ever, how amazing it is that my family is eternal. I am so grateful! I KNOW families are eternal. I KNOW God´s plan is perfect, and He wants us to be happy. Sometimes I think we get too involved in worldly worries, when really we just need to realize how amazing life really is. We´re here to be happy! We need to enjoy EVERY minute. One thing that alllll the money in the world can’t ever buy is time. The time we have here is so important. I’m so grateful for the life I have. I love you all so much! And.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW, HAIDYN! Love you so much sissy :) You’re growing up too fast. Hope you have the best day. I´ll be thinking of you all day I’m sure :) 
           Have a great week everyone! 

Hermana Roper 

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