Monday, April 14, 2014

Exact Obedience!

Hola Familia! :) 
         Okay first of all, LOVE the pics haha! You all kill me! Haidyn is so different though sheesh. She’s growing up too fast! Stop it. Pleeeease? Love you all though :) 
         This week was a good one :) I can’t believe April is already half way over. Time is flying, and I still feel so lost here in Sullana! Oh I also got the package you sent, and LOVED it! Loved it all :) My companion did too :) I shared everything with her.... Except the sour patch kids. Mom, you should know by now I don’t share my sour patch kids ;) But really. Thanks so much! 
         This week we’ve been working hard. We have a lot of great investigators, but it seems like they’ve all just hit a wall and don’t want to commit to baptism. It’s frustrating! Jesus and Moises were doing great till their mom said she thought it was all too fast. Now they say they want to be baptized in October. Ummm. NO. But the good news is that we got to talk with their mom and teach them all. We gave her a Book of Mormon and assigned her to read the intro. Well, God is amazing, and instead of reading the intro she flipped open to Alma 32 and LOVED it. She was so impressed and said it really got her curious. Since that day, when we arrive at their house, she is ready with our seats, her Book of Mormon, and ready to learn :) If we can get her to church I know she’ll love it. That’s our goal this week. 
         We also have a lesson with Ricardo’s mom tonight. AHHH! We’re not really sure what we’re gonna say, but our plan is to go in focusing on her and not just asking permission for her son to be baptized. If she can apply it to her life, and feel the spirit she’s going to let him get baptized. Hope everything works out tonight. Psh. Who am I kidding? God has a plan :) 
         We also have Denis who committed to baptism May 3rd. Yay! 
This week we found a new investigator, Conrado, who too came to church yesterday. He’s great! When we found him he was so sad. He’s 60 somethin and when we found him and started talking to him, he just started crying and said he was to the point he just didn’t want to live anymore. I just wanted to hug him! (Too bad he’s a man and that’s against the rules or I would have...) He came to church yesterday though and loved it. 
         This week we also had Zone Conference in Talara. I just love President Rowley! (In a not weird way.) Hermana Callizaya was like, "I wish I could carry him around on a keychain and have him tell me what to do." Seriously! Love listening to him speak. This conference really focused on the Book of Mormon and Family History. (Everyone should fill out one of those booklets!) There’s one thing I loved that he said though. He looked at us all and said, "Do you have a testimony?" We were all lookin at him like, "Well, duh, President. We’re missionaries...." and then he goes "What time do you wake up in the morning? Do you exercise every day? What time do you go to bed?" Then we we’re all lookin around avoiding eye contact haha and he says, "Thats how you show it. That’s how you show you have a testimony. Through obedience in your mission and in your life you show you have a testimony. Every day from 6:30 to 10:30 you show it." He’s great huh? It really got us thinking. Exact obedience :)
         We also had our first exchanges this week, and I survived. Yay! Tomorrow I’ll be here in Sullana though with an American that just got here that knows no spanish... That should be interesting. Oh! And did I mention I’m still lost? We’ll definitely be carrying the map around all day.... 
         Okay now for some funnies :) First of all, one member, Zully, is my favorite. She is so strong! Her mom passed away two years ago from cancer. One of the strongest people I’ve met. She’s 18 and also hilarious. She leaves with us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Well Friday we were headed to an appointment and there was a newborn kitty that was homeless and crying and sad...... So we took it with us. It’s against the rules for us to have a pet, gosh darn it, so we started knocking door by door asking if someone wanted it. Okay now for the funny part. Zully knew a word in English, but didn’t know what it meant.... Boobs. lol. I tried explaining, but it didn’t make a difference. That’s what she decided to name the kitten. We went door to door and she would knock and say, "Quiere Boobs?" which is "Do you want Boobs?" I was dying laughing! Then she goes on to give the kitten a last name.... Another English word she knew.... Please. Boobs Please. She named the kitten Boobs Please! Haha! I know I totally shouldn’t laugh, but wow. SO funny! When people try to talk in English here it is the funniest! I’m totally immature.... But whatever. 
         Another funny story that happened yesterday. There’s a ton of construction here in Sullana because of water problems. All the streets are torn up and it’s awful. We were headed to an appointment and the street was soooo torn up. It was hard for us to even get to the house! So we start talking (as we’re arriving at the house) and say, "Wow. If there was a drunk walking around here he’d fall for sure!" then step inside the door to see drunks. Lots of them. And they just looked at us like, "Yep. We heard that." SO awkward! They left pretty quick haha. And they didn’t even fall in a hole! Proved us wrong. So funny though. Our faces were soooo red. 
         Our ward here is all reading the Book of Mormon together too before December. I thought it’d be neat if we all do it. We can all read the Book of Mormon before I get home. That means you all have 7 and a half months to do it :) We can do it! I finished the Book of Mormon today so I’mm starting tomorrow again :) Pleeease do it :) 15 minutes every day! Yeah? Okay :) Also... Remember to go to the temple every month!! :)
         Thank you for everything. Really. Love you all so much! Hope you all have a great week, and a great Easter! LOVE YOU!

Hermana Roper 

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