Monday, March 24, 2014

On My Way To Sullana

Hola Familia! 
         Sounds like everyone had a horrible week sheesh. I’m sorry to hear about everything that happened, but hope everyone gets feeling better. You’ll definitely be in my prayers. 
         My week was good. Sad to say it was the last week in Piura Central :( I’m now in Sullana, which is like 30 minutes from Central. I don’t know much about the area yet. My companion is Hermana Callizaya from Bolivia. I think she’s 23. She’s a sweetheart! I knew her from before when I was in Tumbes. She knows English and is gonna finish her mission in July. All I’ve heard since we got the news of transfers is bad things about Sullana lol. This is how most of the conversations were.
         "Oh where are you being transferred to?"
         "Ooooh... Yeah. Good luck."
         Thank you, guys. Thanks. Apparently it’s one of the hottest parts of Piura... We all know I love the heat haha. But I’m gonna love it. I know it :)
         One thing I’m suuuuper nervous about is my new assignment in the mission. I thought my assignment training was a surprise. Nope! President Rowley has given me the assignment of Sister Training Leader. It’s like a Zone Leader for the sisters. So each week I’ll be doing lots of exchanges with the other companionships and helping them out in their areas and doing presentations and all that fun stuff. I feel sooo inadequate, I won’t even lie. I don’t know how I’m supposed to train the other sisters when I feel like I have so much to learn myself! I just keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason. This is just an opportunity to learn, grow, and come to know my Savior more. But wow... This will be interesting lol. 
         It was a good last week in Piura :) We had a neat experience. We found a new investigator. His name is Adam. We had contacted him like two months ago, but with our luck he had to move and he lost his cell phone. So we had nooo idea how to contact him and had to give up after the third try trying to find him. Well Thursday we got a message that said, "Hermanas. I’m Adam. This is my new number." So of course I called him and set up an appointment :) He had read the pamphlet we gave him and found our number on a piece of paper in his apartment and said he was curious and wanted to know more. We went and it was so great. He has a lot of knowledge about the Bible, but when we asked him how he felt about the things we had taught he said, "I feel good. It’s a good feeling." So sad I won’t get to see him progress, but I’ll have Hermana Arce to keep me updated :)
         This week was super hard though. I never knew I could have so much love for people I’ve only known 6 months. I know I need to work hard in this area, but a little bit of me will always be in Central haha. I just love them all! 
         Yesterday, since Hermana Escalante is finishing her mission today and I was leaving the area, Juan had a little goodbye devotional. It was more like a testimony meeting. Hermana Arce spoke first and made me cry that little stinker! Then Julio, Edward, Cesar, Hermana Escalante, and I talked. Julio couldn’t even talk he was crying so hard and the love that was felt in that room was incredible. :) Then we all sang "Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos." Whatever that is in English... God Be With You Till We Meet Again... I think. But Hermana Arce and I couldn’t even sing because we were crying like babies haha. It was so great, but so hard. 
         Okay now funny story. I’ve learned a BIG lesson this week. Apparently here in Peru they don’t flush their toilet paper down the toilet. I was always wondering why our bathroom garbage had SO much toilet paper in it haha. Now I know. Someone could have filled me in on that little secret though sheesh! As you all know, I was in Piura 6 months. That means 6 months of built up toilet paper. NOT GOOD. Let’s just say after the experience Hermana Arce and I had this week, we could both be plumbers. It’s not something I’d recommend. It was AWFUL! So if anyone ever decides to stay in Peru.. Don’t flush the toilet paper down the toilet. Bad idea. Now you know. 
         Well that was my week :) I’m sad, but so grateful for the time I’ve had in Central. I’m ready to work even harder here in Sullana and I know there’s people just as great here waiting for me. I’m just amazed at how blessed I really am. I remembered the saying this week, "How lucky I am to have someone that makes saying goodbye so hard." It’s so true. I’m SO lucky to have been able to meet the people I’ve met. It isn’t goodbye. It’s just see you later :) Cause were all coming back to Peru after my mission! These people have to teach you all how to dance. Us folks in the United States don’t even know how to dance haha. We are coming back. We have to! Decision made :)
         Well time to go. I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Hermana Roper 

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