Tuesday, March 18, 2014

He WILL always be there

       One of the funnest, best weeks in the mission. I´ve learned SO much! 
Monday, as mom already knows, I made the mistake of getting my hair cut in Peru. Take my advice: Don’t do it! So I was super bummed, let´s be honest. I finally grew out my hair and bam! Two inches! Gone. So here I am bummed about a bad haircut when we get the news that Cesar´s mom passed away. She passed away Monday. SO sad. Even more sad because we had been teaching her for quite some time. That’s how we ended up meeting Cesar. It was super hard to see Cesar on Wednesday. We couldn’t go the funeral but we stopped by his house. He didn’t want to be in the house so we sat in the park drinking Inca Kola and just talking with him. He was sad, but surprisingly calm. He said, " I know I´m on the right path. I know my mom´s happy and I know that she´ll be watching over me every day. Now I need to just keep doing the things that are right." He understands the Plan of Salvation. So yeah... as I’m complaining about a bad haircut, there are people out there who lose their loved ones. I have nothing to complain about :) 
       Hermana Arce also had a birthday this week :) And guess who planned a surprise party?! Yep. Her trainer. Me. haha. Probably not the "trainer" thing to do but... She needed it. We had tons of cake that day, lots of laughs, and she got cake smashed in her face two times so it was great :) Have I ever mentioned how much I love this ward?? Oh and you also have no idea how hard it is to plan a surprise party when in the mission. She is with me ALL the time! I had to wait till she was in the shower to quietly call people. And let´s just say I’m a good liar... Maybe I shouldn’t be proud of that... But I am :) Love my companion! She seriously makes me laugh SO hard. If I could send the videos I would! She is hilarious! It’s funny to hear her all day sayin, "Freakin" and "Oh my gosh" and "Dang it" because that’s the English she´s picked up on from me haha. I don’t want transfers!! 
       Hmm let’s see what else happened this week... Oh! I experienced my first earthquake! We were in the church and everyone started screaming and running outside. I had no idea what was going on. I honestly stood there like an idiot and looked at the ceiling swaying back and forth. I’m suuuper smart. I know. Then Hermana Arce screamed, "Hermana! Run!" and then I ran :) It was fun. It wasn’t too big, but everyone said it was big for Piura. We´ve had little ones before, but this one we could all feel! 
       This week I also ate cow heart and innards. Cow heart is super good! But innards... Yeah. Once was enough. 
       We also had interviews this week. I just love President Rowley! This is what he told me: "There will always be rocks in your life. In your mission life, in your life as a mother, in your life as a grandmother, and in your life as a leader. But God doesn’t expect us to move our rocks alone. He wants to guide you. He IS guiding you." I love that! We all have our own little rocks. But we all have God to guide us. We shouldn’t think we have to do everything alone. He WILL be there. 
       And guess what?!?! Diana came to church!! and everyone knew she was there... wow. She walked into our class for investigators and just like old times was the one with the questions lol. I love her! I’ve missed her. She was asked about who created God and if we have a Heavenly Mother and SO many questions. We actually ended up staying after class another half hour to answer her questions so the others in the class could go to their third hour. So worth it. She felt the spirit so strong. In tears she said, "My heart. It´s beating real fast. It makes me really happy to know these things. It´s a good feeling." And the bishop explained to her that that´s the spirit telling her these things are true. Her husband didn’t come to church, but her son is eating and has gained weight :) she’s super happy about that. Love Diana SO much! 
       One thing I’ve learned this week is we can’t change our environment, but we have the Gospel principles to help us through everything that comes our way. We have a new investigator this week. She´s Elizabeth. She has two little daughters and has a rough life. She lives with an abusive boyfriend and doesn’t have money or her identity to be able to travel to live with her mom. It’s hard to see, but it was amazing to see her walk in Sunday with her daughters in hand. We can’t change everything, but the Gospel is what we need. It is what will help us through any environment we´re in. 
       Time to go :) Hope you all have a great week and remember how much I love you :) 

Hermana Roper 
Only a few more days with this sweet Hermana :(

Surprise Party for Hermana Arce!

Reunited with Hermana Peterson :)

They love Pringles, even in Peru!

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