Monday, March 10, 2014

Trust Him

Hello there family :) 
     Ow ow Tyson! Lookin good in that tux ;) Prom King... What a stud. 
But sounds like everyone had a great week :) It was a great week here, too. Before, everyone told us in March the temperature was a little cooler... LIE. Now they’re all sayin in May the temperature will cool down a bit! I’m not sure what I’m gonna do when I get home... In December! I’m gonna freeeeeeze. 
     We worked super hard this week though. We were a little bummed the week before because we didn’t reach many of our goals. This week we improved a ton! We were really using our time wisely and teaching as many people as possible. One thing President Rowley is stressing is talking with everyone. Not counting lessons, we need 10 contacts every day. Sounds easy, right? I thought so too. Nope! We are always running to and from lessons trying to somehow arrive on time! This week, we improved a lot in talking with more people, but couldn’t find any new investigators. Pray for us to find some! I know there are people just waiting to hear the gospel. We just need to find them :) 
     Also, pray for "C" and his mom. The day after he got baptized she got reeeeally sick. She’s in the hospital. She doesn’t recognize anybody and sleeps most of the day. He is really sad about it. He said his mom has always been there for him, even when he wasn’t making the right choices, and that she never gave up on him. He can’t even stand to see her like she is, he said. Pray for her... And him! 
     Another convert that just never ceases to amaze me is "R". He not only showed up this week in his shirt and tie, but he blessed the sacrament! He was super nervous, but seriously glowed afterwards. Out of all our converts, I never guessed he´d be the one to be SO strong in the church SO fast. He is taking it all in. Already has a calling and attends every meeting, devotional, activity. Everything! I just love it :) 
     One investigator that is so great is "J". We had been trying super hard to find his needs, and finally he opened up to us. We had a super spiritual lesson. Satan was surely trying to stop this lesson from happening though! It just so happened that the member that was gonna be there with us had her son fall face first like five minutes before the lesson. She was worried about him and trying to get him to the hospital, but we ended up still having the lesson. The member that helped us is so amazing. She told us, "I know my son´s gonna be okay because I’m doing what’s right. I’m helping the missionaries." So she helped us real quick and then took care of her son. What faith she has! It was a great lesson. We committed him again to baptism. He told us that if he had to, he would be baptized the 15th, but that April 1st would be super special because that’s the day his dad died. It´s sad that it will be after transfers and that it´s possible one of us won’t be here, but what´s important is that he´s happy. He seriously made my day! He was talking about us and said, "I know you can’t stay here forever, but you are my angels and will be in my heart for the rest of my days." It brought tears to my eyes to hear that we´ve made a difference in his life. He was kinda funny too. He said every time he´s tempted to drink, my face pops in his head saying, "No, "J". Don’t do it!" haha. Whatever works :) 
     We´ve also been teaching the "Z" Family more this week. We´re still not sure when they can be baptized. "N"´s gonna have an interview with the bishop and we´ll see where to go from there. Pray that they will be able to be baptized though! 
     I’m a little nervous, with transfers coming up so soon. I’m trying to enjoy every second here because who knows what will happen in two weeks. But all I can say is I am SO grateful for the 6 months I´ve had in this area. I’ve met people I will NEVER ever forget. I never knew I could have such a love for people I’ve only known such a short amount of time. I just love this area! 
     This coming week we also have interviews. President Rowley has asked us to answer two questions.... "What am I doing as a missionary to gain the confidence of God?" and “How can we improve?” It has really made me think! I came up with a simple answer: Trust Him. If we trust in God, He´s going to trust in us too. If we really trust in Him, we will align our will with His. We won’t have to question why we have to do certain things; we will WANT to do them. If we trust in Him, He will trust us. 
     One person that has really made a difference in my mission is Hermana Escalante. She finishes her mission this month :( She was sharing her testimony this week, and I just felt the spirit so strong. She has such a way to say the words I need to hear. She was talking specifically to the sisters and said, "Sisters. I know we don’t have the obligation to serve, but it´s the best decision we could have made." So right! I never would´ve imagined myself here in the mission. But it´s the best decision I have made. It has brought me to know the most amazing people, and have the best experiences. It´s something I´ll always be grateful for :)
     Well, time to go! No embarrassing moments this week, thank goodness. Love you all so much! I got so many letters and packages this week and felt so loved. Thank you SO much. Have a great week!

Hermana Roper 

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