Monday, October 21, 2013

Loving Piura Central!

Hola familia :) 
         Everything is great here in Piura! Such a difference, but I honestly love it here so much. I’m secretly crossing my fingers I can be here with Hermana Escalante one more transfer after this one because this transfer is already flying!
         We had a great week here. Found some really solid investigators and they’re doing great. First there’s Augusto. He is 17 and was a reference. He is pretty much begging to be baptized! He has a baptismal date for Nov. 2 but the problem is that he can only meet with us Saturdays because he’s a health freak and is allllllways workin out. Come on, dude. Your hott bod or your salvation. Take your pick! ;) But we might have to end up pushing his date back :( Either way I know he´ll be baptized. No doubt. He is really open with us and loves the message. I also have a really embarrassing story that has to do with him... But we´ll save that for later in the letter.
         We also have Edward, who I have learned so much from! We had another investigator, Hermana Marisol, that we would try to visit. He was the one who always opened the door for us because he’s in charge of the apartments. He would always just open the door and then follow us out and we didn’t think anything of it. I still feel terrible! Anyway, one day as we were walking out he asked us what we were teaching and we set up an appointment with him for later in the week. Well we went yesterday and it was seriously so great! Our lesson was probably all over the place, but that’s because he had so many questions! We wanted to teach him the Plan of Salvation and went from there to Joseph Smith to the Book of Mormon haha. In this one lesson he asked for a Book of Mormon and accepted to be baptized. Soooo great, I’m tellin ya! Anyway, the lessons I have learned from him are 1. Don’t judge and 2. God has a plan for everyone. The first lesson of not judging... Yep. I totally judged him. I thought he was just some mean guy that was annoyed that he had to keep opening the door for us. He never talked to us and never smiled so we thought he was just annoyed with us. But nope! He is so nice! The lesson with him was so great and the spirit was so strong. I feel bad for even making a judgment. I was so wrong! And I know God has a plan. Hermana Marisol ended up not wanting to listen to us, but because of her we have Edward who is so prepared. God has everything so planned out for us it’s unreal! 
         Then we have Diana and Gabriel. They’re a young couple with a little boy (who never shuts up, I might add). But they aren’t married so that’s a bugger. Diana also has issues with our church because a RM got her sister pregnant so she’s a little tough to get to. I’m pretty sure her and me could be besties though haha. She’s hilarious! Dances in every lesson and just cracks me up. We have Family Home Evening with them tonight and are going to challenge them to get married soooo wish us luck! 
         This week I’ve also felt pushed to my limits! Yesterday was crazy. We don’t have much help from our mission leader so of course he hadn’t come up with a baptism program for a little girl in our ward. Because he didn’t have anyone to talk, guess who got to? Yep. Me. Thanks a lot, man. Haha I was freakin out! But I did it. Ended up talking about Haidyn and her baptism. I also have to give two more lessons tomorrow in our District Meeting and Ward Council so I’m definitely feelin a lil stressed! 
          But one thing I’ve learned this week is that we grow the most by doing things we don’t want to do. We may feel uncomfortable, but we need to do it anyway. We need to make the choice to put ourselves in the position to grow. This is something that was also talked about at our Reunion de Hermanas this Friday. Hermana Rebello talked about how we could go through our entire 18 months without changing, without growing, without learning.... IF we want to. We have the decision to grow... Or not. My goal is even when I don’t want to do something, to just put on my big girl panties and do it anyway :)
         Now for the embarrassment.... I straight up told Augusto I loved him. I’m still so embarrassed lol. We were talking about how God loves us and instead of saying "Le ama mucho" (He loves you a lot) I said "Le amo mucho" (I love you a lot) His eyes got reeeeal big and then it was awkward and I started talking half in Spanish, half in English like, "Oh sorry... I mean.... Uhh... Lo siento... Dios. Dios le ama. Not me. Si le amo.... Pero como un hermano... Uh...." So awkward. My face was bright red. When will I know Spanish?!?!? That’s my embarrassment for the week. And every night Hermana Escalante reminds me of how awkward I was. Gotta love her lol. 
         Another great week here though! Thank you all for everything :) Love you all more than you could ever know! Have a great week :) 

Hermana Roper

Yum! Breakfast :)

Reunited with Hermana Petersen!


Getting ready to shop at the mall :)

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