Monday, October 28, 2013

Time Is Starting to Fly!

Familia :)
         First off... This keyboard is awful. Have fun reading this :)
Halfway through another transfer... Crazy! And this week November starts! Time really is starting to fly! 
         Such a great week though :) We’ve really seen miracles here. Remember how we had family home evening with Diana and Gabriel Monday? Well it was AWFUL. Pretty much Diana just started whippin out the Bible on us and saying that all churches worship Christ so as long as they follow Christ and are good people, they’ll be fine. It was bad. So then we retaught the Restoration. The Elders before us said they taught it but apparently they didn’t remember much haha so we really focused on the authority of the priesthood and prophets. At the end of the lesson Diana said, "I think this is true...The bible talks about prophets and apostles and your church is the only one who has them." YES!!!!! Yes we do! So then we were left to figure out how we could push this belief they have into an action. We decided to talk about faith.  We read in Mark 9: 14-24 with a lot of Alma 32. It was exactly what they needed! They have so much faith, they really do. And they have desires to believe. What we had to make them realize is that this is enough. Diana always wants answers in black and white, but there comes a point when we have to take a leap of faith and trust in our beliefs. and guess what? That’s exactly what they did :) They came to church for the first time this Sunday! Diana, Gabriel, and their little boy Camillo :) When I saw them walking in, all I could imagine was an eternal family. They were so happy and couldn’t stop smiling and loved it! But first things first, they need to get married. They accepted the invitation to get baptized, but we’re hoping they can get married here soon. Pray for them! :)
         It was great they were at church and all... But Sunday had its stress too haha. We got a call from the bishop right before church and he said, "Can Hermana Roper give a talk in Sacrament?"
         "Of course. When?"
         "Today." Uhhh... Thanks for the warning. I’m not sure why he picked me and not Hermana Escalante who knows Spanish! Haha sheesh. Hopefully everyone actually understood... But I think not because I introduced myself and said,  “I’m Hermana Roper” and everyone keeps calling me Hermana Ropero now... My Spanish is definitely not perfect lol.
         I gave another talk this week too... In Zone Conference ahhhh! President Rowley assigned us all to read the “4th Missionary” and prepare a talk. Then he picks only two out of 50 plus missionaries to give the talk. Let’s just say I didn’t think it would be me... it’s usually those missionaries that have waaaay more time in the mission field. And let’s just say I didn’t prepare as good as I could have... haha. Anyway I’m sittin there just enjoying the conference when I hear, "And then we’ll hear from Hermana Roper." Whaaaat? Freak out time. I got done with my talk though... With 50 plus native missionaries staring at me like, "I dont understand a single thing you’re saying..." So I was thinking I did horrible and nobody understood, when a new missionary, Hermana Eames, came up to me asking for advice. She has three weeks here in the mission and is at the struggling point. I remember those days allllllll too well. But she asks me, "How did you learn Spanish? I need help and the others told me to ask you for advice." At first I was a little caught off guard like, "What are you talking about? I don’t know Spanish!", but she was being serious.
         At times I seriously feel like I know nothing. Sometimes I feel like I can’t talk in Spanish at all and I haven’t learned anything, but it’s times like that when I feel a little better. At the time, I didn’t want to give a talk in front of everyone in Spanish, but after I felt better and ended up helping another struggling missionary. It just goes to show how every single thing happens for a reason :) 
         I also learned a lot at zone conference about how I want to be seen. Who do I want to be? How will it be like to be around me? What kind of person will I be? These are the questions that President Rowley had us think about and now every time I don’t want to wake up in the morning or when I don’t want to knock on doors in the blazing heat of Peru, I just have to think, “Who do I want to be?” Every decision is important!  We don’t become who we are all in one day. It’s day by day, decision by decision.
         We also have so many investigators accepting baptism! Hermano Augusto, Edward, Roger, and Hermana Mavila and Gracy. They’re all so great! I don’t have time to explain them all, but really. SO great! :)
          I better get going now. No time for my embarrassments of  the week. Too bad :) Have a great week! Love you all soooo much! :)

Hermana Roper

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