Monday, October 14, 2013

"Welcome To Civilization"

         Done with training, and now in Piura Central and loving it! My new companion is Hermana Escalante. She’s 22 and of Lima. Lezzz be honest...... I freaking love her. (Yep. I’m gonna quote “Pitch Perfect” for the rest of my mission because I don’t have any new movies to quote. Deal with it.) But really. she is the greatest! I’ve learned more from her these last few days than probably my whole time of training. She has 13 months in the mission and has taught me so much! She also studied in the United States for a while and knows English really well. This helps when I have questions about Spanish because she can explain to me why people say the things they do and the grammar behind it :) We speak all in Spanish though because if I speak with her in English, I’ll never learn haha best companion EVER.
         But anyway... Piura Central. First thing President Rowley said to me Tuesday was, "Welcome to Civilization." CORRECTO. It’s such a difference! There’s a KFC! And Pizza Hut! And stores! And a grocery store with shelves and check out stands! And shopping carts! No hot water... But I can’t complain :) This area is a little harder though with the people. They have money and don’t really want to listen. This week were gonna make packets with DVDs, pamphlets and our phone number and throw them over their gates haha. We have nothing more we can do! Nobody wants to listen. We also have this whole area to ourselves now. Before there were Elders, but this transfer that all changed. We’ve been combining area books this week and have so much to do! 
         This area is also a lot more dangerous. Thursday night there was a gang fight out side in our street. I thought this stuff only happened in movies! Haha but nope. There was shooting and screaming and it was crazy. And there we were laying in our beds not daring to get up and move haha. Finally the police came though and we’re still alive so that’s all that matters right? :) It was crazy though for me to know people were right outside our window dying. So awful! Again... The Lord protects his missionaries. 
         One thing I have loved about Hermana Escalante is that she pushes me so hard. I have learned so much! We had one day where nobody was home and decided to visit a less active. I’m sittin there like always, just waiting for Hermana Escalante to start teaching something because we had no lesson plan, and she turns and whispers to me, "Can you share what you learned in personal study today?" Uhhhh.... Yep. So there I was teaching a whole lesson, and so scared, but I did it. And learned so much! I shared 1 Nephi 16 when Nephi breaks his bow. The thing about Nephi is he always finds solutions. Instead of asking "Why me?" or "Why this trial?" he does something about it. Somehow I made it through the lesson and somehow they understood it haha… gift of tongues right there! 
         This week I’ve seen a big difference in my Spanish. I feel like I’m less focused on my Spanish and a lot more focused on what I’m saying. I’ve never felt the spirit more in lessons than this week, and I know its because I’m not focusing so much on the language. It’s been a great week!  Oh.  Another change in myself. I’m touchy. Yep. I pretty much hug everything that walks..... Except boys cause that’s just not right. But really. I found myself one day hugging everyone and I remember thinking to myself, "WHO AM I?!?!" haha. It’s official. I’m a huggy, weird, Sister Missionary. Oh. NO. 
         I don’t have much time today, or even embarrassing stories! I’m sure Ill have more this week ;) Thank you so much for everything though. I love you all more than you could ever know! :) Have a great week!

Hermana Roper

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