Monday, August 25, 2014

He IS There!

 Hey everyone! :)
         I seriously can’t believe school has already started. Seems like you all just got out for summer vacation! Time is flyyyying. 
         This week was a good one :) All of our intercambios ended up falling through so that means that this week is going to be suuuuuper crazy. I'll only be with Hermana Rivera Friday, Saturday, and Sunday haha but it’s all good. This transfer is about over so we've gotta squeeze em all in! We might have procrastinated a bit... Yep. I still haven’t changed that much ;)
         Our investigators are all doing good. We haven’t been able to find Jorge Louis, gosh darn it. Mariel’s baby is better but now she’s sick. Go figure. But it’ll all work out :) Karin is a little weird with us now. Her husband stopped listening and every time we've gone he’s drunk. So after he stopped, she’s kinda stopped reading the Book of Mormon and doesn’t wanna go to church. Her sister-in-law Myrium is great though! She loves everything about the church! The only problem... She’s not married. Surprise, surprise. And her husband doesn’t want to get married. Yaaaayyy. Her and all her kids have been going to church. Jefferson, her son, might be getting baptized the sixth. He’s come to church the past four weeks in a row, but he’s only 12 so we need to wait a few more weeks to see if he keeps coming. We need to make sure he’s going to stay active after his baptism, because nobody in his family is a member. His mom said she’s gonna keep coming to church though so we'll see :) 
         Darwin came to church this week though! All three hours! :) He came with the mom of the Familia Grande :) The other chicos didn’t come but whatever. I’m so happy he took the initiative to come by himself. It was a big step. 
         Hermana Luz also said she wants to be baptized! But she’s said this like five times.... So we'll see :) Sandra is doing great after her baptism :) She said she feels SO great. She said she can really feel the difference. She can feel the Holy Ghost in her life. That’s something I want to feel is the difference from not being a member to being a member if that makes sense? I’ve been a member my whole life so I don’t know what its like to not have the gift of the Holy Ghost, but she can feel such a huge difference in her life. She has really helped her mom out a lot. Her brothers Moises and Jesus on the other hand are on my bad list. Yesterday they would not stop making fun of the whole I love Elder Rojas joke lol. We had to go talk to the Elders for something and every single one of the youth started humming that wedding song, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun as we were walking over to them. We’re pretty much the ward joke. sheesh lol. 
         This week I learned SO much though. We have a less active, Omar, that is really experiencing what its like to repent. He’s one of the sons in the Familia Grande. This week we watched, "To this end was I born" and it really had an effect on him. We got done and he was like, "Hermanas, why this topic today? What are you trying to say?" He said that he couldn’t sleep that night. He called us and was like, Hermanas I need to tell you something, can I meet up with you both tomorrow? So during Ward Council he came to the church to talk to us. He’s done some things he really shouldn’t have done, but now he’s seeing the consequences. He was like, "I don’t know where the good in me went. I don’t even know who I am anymore. I don’t want to feel like this." He was even thinking about taking off to Lima because he doesn’t want to face his family after he tells them what he did. He knows it’s a part of repentance to try to fix the things he’s done, but wow it’s just hard for him. He was like, "Before, I didn’t believe in God, but now I do. I know you guys have been visiting me a while, and sometimes I don’t do the things I should, but I want to be better. I might come off like I’m fine, but I’m not fine. I’m not fine." We talked for a good while about the Atonement and he’s gonna talk to the bishop tomorrow. We are honestly so blessed to be able to repent. Christ already suffered every single thing we have, are, and will go through. HE IS THERE. We just need to go to him. Omar is finally starting to realize this, and it’s so great. 
T       here was also something else I liked that President Rowley sent us last week. "Encontramos lo que buscamos." We find what we seek. It’s SO true! He was tellin us this so we would find families to teach, but it applies to everything we do. If we seek happiness, we will find it. If we seek to be better, we will be. If we seek Christ, we will find him. We find what we’re looking for. I just loved that. 
         Anyway, It’s been a good week :) Hope you all have a great week! TE AMO FAMILIA! :) haha love you all :) Chowww. 

Hermana Roper 

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