Monday, November 18, 2013

Yay! Staying in Piura Central!

         I am here for another transfer with Hermana Escalante!! :D We’re both so happy about it. One transfer wouldn’t have been enough! I know without a doubt that one huge reason we're here for another transfer together is Diana and Gabriel. They need to get baptized! It’s hard for Diana to trust people very easily, and I don’t know if she´d be okay with another new missionary. (They’ve already had two Elders a month before us). But I really feel like they are the reason we’re here together for six more weeks. They need to get baptized! They came to church Sunday for the 4th week in a row and Gabriel is getting more and more involved every week. Now he’s asking questions and even has started reading the Book of Mormon. It’s been amazing to see the changes in him! And yes mom, the doorbell ditchin worked :) It almost didn’t though haha. We had to send some little girls to go knock again and finally Gabriel got it. But yes, they ended up knowing it was us lol. They were so grateful though. They only have food for two more weeks-ish because they still can’t find work. But after two weeks they will literally have nothing. So sad, but I know the Lord is using this to humble them. If Gabriel will just put his faith in the Lord I KNOW it’ll be okay. We have family home evening with them tonight and are gonna talk about it. Their assignment was to set a date to get married so we´ll see what they decided :) 
         Liniker on the other hand... The dang Law of Chastity! We taught him about Chastity and yep. He has a problem with it. We asked him if he has a girlfriend and he basically said, "You don’t have to have a girlfriend to.... Yeah." hahaha another awkward lesson. But we challenged him to live the Law of Chastity and he said he wants to say that he can do it, but when he’s with his friends things always happen. The good part is that he wants to change! We have a starting place :) I don’t know how much more I can take of these awkward lessons though sheesh ;)
         Kind of a bummer week though because our investigators are just falling off the planet! We don’t know what has happened with Augusto, Edward, or Roger. They all set up appointments with us and then don’t show. We’ve also struggled finding new investigators this week, so sometimes its hard not to get discouraged when we´re dying in the heat at 3 in the afternoon, but we’ve just gotta do our part, and the Lord will do his. 
         We’ve also been in a trio for a day, which has been fun :) We´re here with Hermana Harrison and she’s adorable! She’s from Arizona and has been here the same amount of time as me. She was companions with Hermana Escalante before me. We had a nice lil picnic party last night with PB&Js, pineapple, and watermelon haha. Pretty much the only things we could find :) Sundays we report numbers at 7:30 so there’s always a little extra time to have "Sunday Snack Night" :) 
         One snack I haaaaate is Panetón. Yuck. It's bread in bag with these red and green squishy things. It’s something everyone eats at Christmas time and I’m just not a fan. It freaks me out that bread can stay good in a bag for months and they still eat it. Also the milk here is on the shelf and not in the fridge.... I finally have started drinking the milk here after four months haha AND I also use the water from the tap to brush my teeth. That’s right. Straight up Peruana. 
         Embarrassing story of the week... Don’t really have one :) Yay! But I do have the funniest video of Hermana Escalante trying to say sheet. BUT its too big to send :( It’s seriously the funniest thing to hear natives try to say sheet lol. They can say feet and meet and greet, but when it comes to sheet, they just can’t do it. So funny! Don’t worry, only one more year and I’ll show it to you ;) 
         I better get going now though. Love you all sooooo much! Have a great week :)

Hermana Roper

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