Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I love to see the temple.. I'm going there Friday!

Who has two thumbs and is getting sealed to her family for time and all eternity this Friday?! This. Girl. Right. Here.

You could say I'm quite excited! It's been a crazy process (especially today), but my family can make it through. So today, I get a text from my mom that said, "Haidyn can't get sealed until she's baptized." Haidyn is my adorable sister, and she just celebrated her 8th birthday Monday.  Perfect timing, right? No. So when my mom called the temple today they told her that my sister couldn't come and be sealed with us. What they heck? Nobody knew this rule. So apparently this is Satan's way of trying his hardest to prevent my family from being sealed. Well guess what, Satan? Isn't gonna work. :) My amazing mom is throwing together a baptism for this Thursday night! How awesome is she? She could easily throw in the towel and put the temple to the side, but she knows how important this is. Best mom award goes to her. No battle. I love the crap out of my family! And as of Friday, they're stuck with me forever. So ha! 
As it gets closer to my mission I'm freaking out. This is normal, right? Well, as we were getting our interviews for our recommends, a member of the stake presidency bore strong witness to me about missions. One thing sticks out and has been on my mind every time I start to doubt. He said, "People of Peru are going to thank the Lord every single day that Hermana Roper came into their lives. You are being sent there for a reason... Stick it out, and you'll find out the reason." That's exactly what I needed to hear. I know it's going to be hard, but these are people's eternities that are in my hands. I'm starting to feel the pressure! All the Lord asks is that I'm worthy and willing; He'll take care of the rest. Here's to the next 35 days. Five weeks. Holy crap. Here we go. 

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