Monday, November 3, 2014

He Will Heal Us

Buenas tardes! :)
         Love the Halloween pictures :) Haidyn’s costume fits her perfectly lol. But looks like it was a success :)  This week has been a good one over here as well. I mean, it had its moments that weren’t all that great, but more great moments than bad ones :)
         Remember Mary and Bill? They have a baptismal date! For the 22nd :) Yay! The only bummer is that Mary needs to get married. Her son is good to go, but it would be so amazing to see them baptized as a family. 
          Wanna know something suuuuper amazing?! We were in the lesson with Mary and Bill and asked if they had read their Book of Mormon. They had :) They started asking a bunch of questions about Nephi and his brothers and we were surprised. But here’s the amazing part. Bill says, "Well, I only read 8 chapters, but my dad finished the whole book in one day." WHAT?! I’ll be honest. I didn’t believe him. But he was like, "No really! He’s a doctor and loves to read! He stayed up reading it!" So I thought maaaaybe it was possible, but we had never talked with the dad so we didn’t know if it could be true.
         Guess what though? We finally talked to her husband! This weekend, because of the holidays, it was hard to find people. We were walking around and randomly ran into Mary and her kids and she whispers to us, "My husband’s coming..." like she wanted us to talk to him haha. So we start talking and he was really great. I was kinda scared as he was approaching thinking, "Please don’t say something dumb and screw this up" but we started talking about how much he hates english and ended up laughing and it was great. Then he started asking us things about the Book of Mormon. He was like, "I read a little bit of it....." But then he started asking us stuff about it and it was obvious that he really read. He loved reading about when Christ came to the Americas. He said, "I don’t attend a church, but this stuff you’re teaching is really new. It’s kinda hard to accept for someone who has been raised Catholic. But I want my family in the church. One day I’ll go too." Told you! It was a miracle! He said he’s scared. He said he’d feel uncomfortable going to church because he wants to know more, but we’ll get him to come :) 
         I was honestly just SO amazed. I have complete confidence that he will come to church. Someone who reads the Book of Mormon WILL feel the Spirit and WILL know its true. If he can just apply what he read, we’ll be good to go :)
         Gerardo is doing good as well. The thing with him though is that it’s suuuuper hard for him to understand. It’s like teaching a little kid. He has all of the desires in the world, but as far as knowledge goes, he knows nothing about God or Christ and we’ve had to start really simple. He’ll be baptized, but we want him to understand and have a testimony. He came to church Sunday though for all 3 hours :) He’s really doing great. I know God will help him understand the things we are teaching. 
Things are good though :) 
         There was one bad part of the week though.... Hermana Arce is going home :( I’m so bummed. But I know God has a plan for her. Another tender mercy that I received this week was being able to spend one last day with her. Thursday she called and said she was going home. I thought I wouldn’t be able to see her again, but then Hermana Rowley called and asked if I could stay in the mission home with her Thursday. HECK YES! Her companion and mine went to pack Hermana Arce’s stuff and we sat and talked for hours. She’s just super confused. She has epilepsy and has just been passing out randomly in the street and finally President said she needed to go home. It was so sad :( She was so sad. One question she asked me as we were talking was, "If Jesus healed so many people and did so many miracles, why can’t He heal me?" We talked a lot about it and realized that He already has healed her. He has healed every one of us. Maybe not how she wanted, but spiritually He has healed her. If we let Him, he will heal us. He is there waiting to help us. But keep her in your prayers this week :) I know she’ll be okay, but it’s been a hard week. 
         Everything else is good though. The countdown is on! One month! It’s so weird. But I’m ready to make this month the best one yet :)
LOVE YOU ALL! See you in four weeeeeeks :)

Hermana Roper 

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