Monday, August 4, 2014

Lovin Me Some Cow Udders!

 Hello there everyone :) 

         LOVE all the pics! You’re all so darn good lookin ;) Thanks for the pics though. I’m sending lots too :) 
         This week was a good one! Yes mom, we survived Independence Day haha. Ended up going back to our room early :( but it was alright. 
Our week was good though. Our investigators are doing great! Mariel is still set for the 30th. She’s great. Her husband is too funny though lol. He’s a member and so she asks him questions. She asked him about baptism and he was like, "Well first you enter into the water, then they shut the curtain and hold you under water for 30 minutes." Haha seriously?! She was too funny the next day. She was like, "Hermanas... Is it true that they’re gonna hold me under for 30 minutes?...." NO!! haha not true! And then she’s like, "Is it true that it’s a sin to mark my scriptures? Because I marked one in my book of Mormon that I liked. But if it’s bad I can use white out..." Her husband is a funny one eh? 
         Sandra is all set for Saturday too :) We´re excited. Hopefully nothing happens this week. This past week we went over and she was like Hermanas you’re gonna kill me. Joel asked me for one more chance and we´re thinking about getting married... AHHH! But then somethin happened and she said no, she’s getting baptized and that’s that. Pleeeease pray for her! Yeah? Okay thanks. 
         Luz on the other hand still doesn’t want to get baptized. She said she will get baptized, but doesn’t want a date. It’s so frustrating! We don’t know how else to help her... Maybe her daughter’s baptism will help. 
         Jorge Louis is just great :) He didn’t come to church though. We taught the word of wisdom this week though and he was like, "I really like tea, but if you say I shouldn’t drink it, I’m not going to. You two are my teachers and you’re always right." Yay :) He just needs a date. A baptismal date, that is. 
         We found two new investigators this week :) Martin and his mom Shirley. We went with our mission leader, Angel, Thursday to see him. We got there and he was suuuuper drunk and he knew it. He just said, "Look here. I’m drunk right now. I really want to listen. I just have had a hard week. I want help though. I’m not in the condition to talk right now, but can you come back Saturday?" So we did. We ended up having a really great lesson with him. His mom is worried about him as well. He’s her only son and she wants him to stop drinking. He loved everything we talked about though and we have another appointment Tuesday :) It was just crazy to see how different he was with and without alcohol. He was super respectful without alcohol! He has a lot of potential though. 
         Now for the craziness of the week yeah? Guess what I ate last night?! Cow boobs!!! I ate the udder of a cow. Oh yeah. That’s how it’s done. We live with our pensionista and she brought us up cow boobs to try haha. Oh man. Who am I?! I NEVER would have eaten that before lol. I’m soooo Peruvian now ;) 
         Anyway, that’s about my week in a nutshell. This week is full of intercambios and going back and forth to Piura. Tomorrow is Consejo de Lideres so I’m excited for that. A whole day in the mission home yay :) Air conditioning :) Yay :)
         Anyway, I think that’s about it. LOVE YOU ALL! Have the bestest week :) 

Hermana Roper 

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