Monday, May 26, 2014

Livin' The Life in Lima :)

Hello familia! 

         I’m a little late this week emailing haha but better late than never right?
         We got a call Sunday night at 11 and our zone leaders let us know I was going to Lima the next morning at 6! Talk about short notice.... But it was great :) I can honestly say I took soooo many things for granted before the mission! The hotel had HOT water. Yes. Hot. Water. I almost cried. AND McDonalds. That’s right. We were livin the life for two days. It was the best! But I’m now back in Sullana with cold water... It was good while it lasted ;) 
         We went to Lima to figure out visa stuff. I’ll be headed back in a few weeks again to finish I think. Lima is crazy though! I missed Piura...
         This week has been the best though! First we had a visit from Elder C. Scott Grow of the 70. The coolest was Thursday. All of the Zone and Sister Training Leaders went to the mission home and he taught us. Pretty much a lot is gonna change in the mission. We aren’t even close to our potential. There’s a lot more we need to do. I won’t bore you with the mission details, but I feel like everyone has a lot more enthusiasm after his visit. 
         Then we were with him Friday in Piura and Saturday in Talara. Kinda funny story. Soooo... I already know I’m gonna be that weird return missionary. When we were in Talara, Elder Grow talked to each of us individually. He was asking me where I was from (surprisingly he’s heard of it) and I said something and he laughed and put his hand on my shoulder and the first thing I did was panic that a man was touching me. The first thing that passed through my mind was, "Oh no! He can’t do that! He just touched me!" and then I think everyone noticed my awkwardness and then it was just even more awkward. They should probably add in the rule book that it’s not okay for a guy to touch a sister missionary, unless he’s a General Authority. That would’ve been a good addition to the rulebook. Seriously. 
         Anyway now the best part! Moises and Jesus got baptized! Oh yeah :) It was one of my favorite baptisms. (I think that every time though...) But really. Jesus was sharing his testimony afterwards and said, "This has been one of the best days of my life. I imagine one day I’ll be in the mission sharing how I felt this day." BEST THING EVER! His mom probably wanted to pass out haha. That’s the first time he’s EVER said anything about a mission. I just love the Cisneros Family! Sandra (the sister) wants to get married next Friday so she can get baptized too! :) We’ve been getting together all her papers today. I can seriously see why nobody here wants to get married and it’s easier to just live together haha sheesh. But it will be worth it :)
         Well time to go. Love you all so much! Can’t believe its already been a year. I know we have all changed so much. I can’t wait to see what God has in store. We are so blessed. He loves us so much. I know this church is true. The only true church on the face of the earth. We are so blessed to have the truth.
         Hope you all have a great week! LOVE YOU!

Hermana Roper

P.S. Mary and Mckette thank you SOOO much for the letters to my companion. It meant so much and put such a huge smile on her face :) Love you both. 

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