Monday, February 3, 2014

I Am Good Enough :)

Familia :) 
         Glad you all had a great week :) It was good here too! The weeks are flying. 
         This week Richard didn’t get baptized which is a bummer :( We were going over baptism questions with him and asked him if he believed Jesus Christ was our Savior or if Joseph Smith was a prophet and he said, "Puede ser" which means "Could be, I guess" pretty much. Soooo he needs to gain a stronger testimony first. He has changed a TON, but he thinks that baptism is first. He needs to repent and then get baptized. Maybe two more weeks. 
         We also had a talent show this week that was good :) Guess who played piano? ME! I don’t even know who I am anymore... And if anyone´s interested, I’m teaching piano Saturdays at 4 ;) Seriously. Who am I?!  But the talent show was great! We had Cesar, Richard, Edward, Bertha, Diana, Alex, and the “B” Family there. Love it! :) Our ward needs to start having talent shows like theirs! These people can DANCE! It was a little hard to not start dancing with them... 
         The best part of the night though was that the “B” Family was there. Can I just say I love that family? I’m not sure if I’ve told you about them. May is a member, but left the church when she got married. Well, just so happens she had a dream of her dead sister. In the dream she was looking for her grave, and couldn’t find it. Then her sister said to her, "Why are you looking here? I don’t live here. Come to my house" and then led her to her house which happened to be the church here in Piura. Then Hermana Escalante and I knocked on her door after she had this dream, and she let us in. She said the day we met her she had told her daughter and husband that she felt like she was gonna meet someone that day, and they just laughed it off, but that was the day we met her. So pretty much God is amazing. I know that there’s a reason we knocked on her door that day. But yeah, they came to the talent show and Hermana May felt the spirit SO strong. All of her childhood memories came flooding back and she was in tears. They are such a special family! 
         Cesar was also at the talent show... DANCING! What is happening here in Piura Central?! He´s a funny bugger now haha. Love lessons with him! 
         Diana came too, but not Gabriel. Not sure what’s goin on with Gabriel. He’s never home, and always working. We´re gonna try to talk to him this week. 
         Okay so here’s my embarrassing story... Probably not blog appropriate, but whatever. So there’s this word in Spanish... Pijamada. It means “sleepover” and usually in Spanish J makes an H sound. So I thought it was pronounced like Pee-huh-mod-uh. NOPE. For some reason this word is different. It’s like Pee-juh-mod-uh. Well... Smartie pants Hermana Roper first of all forgot the whole word and I was just saying pija which sounds like pee-huh... Well... Wanna know what that word means in Spanish? This is how Hermana Arce finally explained it to me after I had said it wrong 3 TIMES in front of people! She said "Es el miembro de un hombre" which means "It’s the member of a man." I had been saying this word and she didn’t tell me anything! You could say Edward laughed quite a lot at that one... I don’t think my face has ever been so red. Awesome. That’s my embarrassment of the week.... 
         I’ve really learned a lot this week, but the biggest thing I’ve learned is that I AM good enough. When this whole thing happened with Richard I just couldn’t help but think maybe I’m not a good enough teacher? Or maybe I didn’t study enough? Or maybe if a different missionary was teaching him he’d be baptized? I just felt super inadequate! But then I just had the thought, "Just love them." I just need to love the people! Sometimes all they need to know is that someone cares about them. I need to stop thinking about myself, and what I should do, and just think about THEM. If I love them, I’m going to do all I can to help them, and the rest is up to them. Sometimes I just want to make people change! But that´s not God´s plan. They have to make the decision. I am called of God. I am called of a prophet. I AM good enough :) 
         Well familia :) Hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much, and am so grateful I have an eternal family. Thank you for EVERYTHING. I don’t know how I got so lucky. LOVE YOU!

Hermana Roper 

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