Monday, December 9, 2013

Our God Is A God Of Miracles

Hola Familia :)
Don’t worry. I survived another week in the heat. And apparently this is just the beginning because everyone tells me this is nothin haha. I'll survive though :)
It was an emotional week this week! For real. We were eating lunch Tuesday when our pensionista told us that a member in our ward lost her baby. She had him two months early, and he was in the hospital, but the last we heard he was doing better and breathing on his own. They’re not sure what happened, but he died Monday night. So we raced over to her house and I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting what we saw. The baby was there and all her family, and wow, it was just so sad! Then Wednesday was the funeral and she asked us to come. Guess who had two musical numbers? Yep. We did. Haha. Who would’ve guessed I'd be here singin at funerals in Peru?! Not me! The cemetery was gorgeous though. Not like the normal cemeteries here in Peru, but it was really pretty. Such a sad couple days though. She has two other kids. Her son is 16 and her daughter probably 9 or 10 and she took things suuuper hard. It was so sad to see. As hard as it was to watch their family hurting, she said something that I loved. We were talking to her about it and she told us, "Yes, I’m hurting, but it’s normal. Now I know that we need to work really hard to get to the temple so I can see him again." In spite of how sad it was, she knew that God has a plan. I know without a doubt God has a plan for every one of us! Like I’ve said before, sometimes we can’t understand why things happen, but God knows. He knows what we need. Just gotta keep going. :)
As for investigators, Edwin´s papers are all done! All I’ve gotta say is after getting all their papers together this week, is that I’m never getting married in Peru lol. Wow. But worth it. Now all there is to do is wait for the 27th :) And plan a reception... That should be interesting. BUT what’s really great is that she’s so much more open to listening to us! We have an appointment with her this week, and she came to an activity we planned Friday AND the Christmas Devotional last night :) She’s making progress, and I would love nothing more than to see them both baptized :) Pray for them!
We’ve also seen a miracle this week. Cesar. He’s the one with that disease I can’t spell. We decided not to teach him this week, but guess who showed up to church yesterday anyway? Yep. He did! And I can’t even describe it, but he is SO different. I’m not sure why we underestimated the power of God. Our God is a God of miracles! The Gospel CAN and WILL change him. We felt a little bit bad for just dropping him after we found out about his disease. We talked to President Rowley and he said we can just see what happens. So amazing though! Miracles are all around, I’m tellin ya! 
We also have a new family that’s great. The bishop came up with the greatest idea. Every Monday and Wednesday one member of Ward Council will have FHE in their house and bring an investigator. Monday we went to the bishop’s house and he introduced us to the Cruz Family. They’re great! Not much to tell about them though... Yet :)
D&G were also at church :) We haven’t worked with them much this week, so were gonna concentrate a lot on them this coming week. Gabriel is progressing so much! It would’ve been great if they could’ve gone to the Christmas Devotional but they couldn’t :( Love this family so stinkin much. 
            I’ve been thinking of you all a lot though. Mom, you’re always asking me what you should send me, and I’ve come up with the Christmas present that I want from you all :) For this upcoming year I want you to go to the temple once a month :) Yeah? Okay glad you agree :)
I haven’t even had time for embarrassment this week. How sad! The only funny thing I have (that’s not even really funny) is all my names here. People can’t say Roper! I’m Hermana. Ropero, Boper, and Ruth. Ruth?! Seriously? Can you not read? Haha it’s so funny to see them just try to say Roper!
I better get going now though. Time goes so fast! Love you all SOOO much! :) 

Hermana Roperoooo

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