Monday, December 23, 2013

TWO DAYS til Christmas!

FAMILIA!!! TWO DAYS!!! I’m so excited to see all of you :)
         This week was good... Crazy busy, but good. I have one thing to say... Props to anyone who has planned a ward Christmas party. I have so much respect for you all now lol. Saturday was crazy! It all went really good though :) more than 170 people showed up, and tons of investigators and new people, but the bummer was that since we were running around doing a million things all night we didn’t even get to contact any of them!     
         Edwin came with his soon to be wife :) They’re getting married Friday and his baptism is still Saturday. Richard, Edward, and D&G came too. President Rowley also came, and WOW! he’s the greatest. We talked to him a bit about D&G and they happened to show up. So we introduced them and D&G went and sat down. Well I watched President Rowley think for a minute and off he went walkin around and casually sat down and talked with them for hours. Him and Hermana Rowley were with them practically the whole night! I told you, he’s the best! Hermana Rowley is also great :) She learned the Innkeeper song in four days and we performed it that night too. I also was the lucky one who got to sing with a little girl, and when she ended up with stage fright Hermana Roper pretty much got to sing a solo of “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.” Awesome. The whole party was great though. We found people for our live nativity and everything and it ended up being really funny. I seriously love this ward! 
         Saturday morning we also had a mission Christmas Party with two other zones that was so great. I love our mission. We got to watch the Polar Express and played Bingo and last, but not least, each zone had to do a talent. Our zone decided to do a live nativity and everyone got to choose their parts... Except me. I was the one who was chosen to be Mary lol. That was interesting to say the least... The party was great though! And of course there was Paneton. Yuck. 
         Speaking of paneton, there are also other traditions that I can tell you about. Here they celebrate Christmas at midnight the 24th and eat tons of Turkey and open gifts. In their nativities they also have Jesus missing until midnight because he isn’t born yet, which makes sense, right? Haha for New Years they eat 12 grapes at midnight while thinking of their wishes annnnd... Yep that’s all I can think of for now :) Its been fun to be a part of all their traditions though :) 
         Time for some embarrassment eh? I have some this week! We´re eating lunch and this guy says, "You’re gonna go home with my color!" Well, color is the same in Spanish but the word Calor means heat. I thought he said something about it being hot in Utah... So I say "Ooooh noooo" and Hermana Escalante looks at me like, “What the heck are you doing?” That’s when I realized the mistake I made lol. Pretty much made myself sound racist or something! Color... Calor... Same thing, right? Ooops!
         I’m gonna leave this email short because I get to see you all so soon! :) I also want to thank everyone who has sent me a card or letter. I’ve received SOOOO many this week and am so grateful for the love and support :) THANK YOU!
         Time to goooo, but I’ll see you in TWO days! Woot woot. 

Hermana Roper 

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