Monday, September 23, 2013

Miracles Happen Everyday!

Hola Familia!
         My advice to all: DONT DRINK THE CORN JUICE. I think Hermana Zoila has it out for me... She had us go to her house for lunch.... That’s when she serves us corn juice. Two HUGE glasses. We were both soooo sick that whole day. Yuck. Good thing I have a pharmacy in my suitcase :) Thanks mom haha. All better now though. Let’s just say my body was cleaned completely out lol. Oh and when she asks if you want more... DONT SAY YES. Take my advice on this. 
         Other than that this week has been great :) We have been preparing Juan for his baptism. We also have another boy getting baptized Saturday as well. His name is Said. Two baptisms! Yay! We’re actually hoping for four. We are going to go try to find Carla and Nuri’s mom. We couldn’t find her at all this week! She’s a member, so we’re hoping it goes well. You’ll just have to wait till next week though :)
         We were also able to work with the members a lot this week too. One member though... Ooooh Hermana Benilda. Bless her heart. She wanted to go out with us so we say yes, of course because members  are great. She fell asleep in almost every single lesson! What the heck?! The peace of this gospel must have just been too much for her to handle haha. I have no idea. We kept trying to include her and every time we looked over she was sleeping! So there we were in lessons trying to teach about how great this gospel is and she’s sleeping lol. Like I said... Bless her heart ;) 
         One of the lessons with Hermana Benilda was quite exciting too. She missed out. We were teaching a family, the Chores family. They’re in their 80s and Catholic. We’re teaching about baptism and how babies don’t need baptism. She agrees with us completely and is just telling us how horrible infant baptism is so we invite her to be baptized and she’s like, "I was already baptized when I was a baby" uhhh.... But remember how babies don’t need baptism? We just talked about this lol so we explain again the correct way of baptism and she looks at us and says, "This is iniquity." Aca-awkward eh? Haha Its so frustrating when people don’t have the same love for this gospel and when they don’t understand how true it is! But we can’t make people believe. Just gotta teach them and let them make the decision. And obviously Yolanda Chores has made her decision haha.
         We also are super bummed with Hermano Adolfo. We go over to their house Wednesday to see how his goals are coming. (We made him a paper to hang on their wall with both of their goals) He had been doing so good... For two days. When we get there we notice the paper is torn down and all the other things the missionaries have given their family are thrown around the room. Definitely not a good sign. So we ask Hermana Maryuri what happened and she goes on to tell us the events of their night. He was doing good for two days, like I said. He was reading, praying, and hadn’t drank. Then he flipped out. He straight up beat Hermana Maryuri with a nice, big, wooden chair.  She was cooking and he came up behind her and slammed it down on her head. The worst part is that her kids were both watching. Makes me sick! I have no idea how I can think my "struggles" here are bad. I have no idea what her and her family go through every day. The thing that makes me sad is what happens to her? My struggles here are temporary. She has to be here living with him for life. The missionaries come and go, but she is still here stuck. She doesn’t have the money to move or do anything about it. SO sad. We haven’t seen Adolfo since, but we have to keep trying for her. "Nunca va a cambiar" is what she said to us, which is "He’s never going to change." So sad to see someone lose hope like that. Good thing she has the gospel! It’s one thing that keeps her going. 
         Funny story of the week was with Hermana Vicky. We finally teach her how to pray, and we’re so excited! (It’s harder than you think for people here to understand how to pray normally) So she asks us to show her one more example of a prayer and then she was going to try after. I’m saying the prayer when Hermana Rios just screams! A goat started eating her shoe! Haha so we pretty much laugh our way through the prayer and now Hermana Vicky thinks this is how to say a prayer. Yeah.... Stupid goat. It’s never a dull moment around here!
         Peru never ceases to amaze me though... This week I have seen waaaaay too many nude people lol. They just walk into the rivers here to bathe. I don’t think things will ever seem normal here! 
         This week I was also able to finish the Book of Mormon again. I am again reminded how true this gospel is, and how lucky we are to have the Book of Mormon! So blessed! I really loved in Moroni when it talks about miracles. Miracles happen here everyday! Sometimes people think miracles have ended with the prophets and miracles don’t happen today. They do!! We have so many miracles here on the earth today. We just need to find them. I love the Book of Mormon! 
         This week was great though :) Each week is getting better :) Its weird to think I’ve been here for 10 weeks! There’s no other place I need to be right now than here. Hope you all have a great week! Always smile! :) I LOVE YOU ALL THIIIIIIIIS MUCH! (that’s a lot) 

Hermana Roper
Yay for peanut butter and Pringles!

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