Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Attack Of The Scorpion!

Hola familia! 
         As usual this week was crazy... Even crazier than usual, in fact! I’ll go in order of the crazy events :)
         So Monday we had a lesson with Hermano Adolfo and Hermana Maryori. It was AWFUL. We’re so confused about Hermano Adolfo. He’s been drinking even more than usual now and we don’t know what to do with him. So we’re teaching and his daughter, Catalina, is messing with stuff and he freaks out! At first he’d just hit her, but then he grabbed her and took her into another room (which is just a sheet for the wall) and starts whipping her. She can’t be more than 5 or 6 years old, and was soooo sick this night. She had the grossest cough I’ve ever heard and was just so so sick. So he takes her and is beating her while we sit and listen and Hermana Maryori is just cringing at her daughter’s screams and it took all I had to not start bawling right there in the lesson. I don’t understand how he could be like that! It’s hard to picture him making a change right now. I’m so grateful for the things I have!! It was the worst lesson. I had no idea what to do. 
         On Tuesday we had exchanges with the sister training leaders. We were on a bus for hours and I was sent to Talara for the night while Hermana Rios came back to La Cruz. Well, Hermana Rios and Hermana Something... I forgot her name haha... had an accident with a van. Around here everyone just hitches rides with people. Anyway, there’s these speed bumps everywhere and the van didn’t slow down for it and it sent them all flying and they all hit their heads really hard and had to go to the hospital. That means Hermana Rios was on bed rest for 5 days and Hermana Something for 7. So I have done nothing this week but study lol. You’d think I’d be fluent by now with all the studying buuut nope! It was some needed study time though, and Hermana Rios is feeling much better so that’s good!
         Okay, so Sunday we finally got out of the room :) It was fast Sunday and we completely forgot haha. With no planning this week we just spaced it! But guess who got up and bore her testimony? That’s right. This girl! I bore it in both Spanish and English cause the language of the spirit is the same for everyone right? ;) So after the second hour, Hermana Rios starts talking to me about hymns and I’m like thinking, “Oh alright we’re gonna go sing hymns to people... How nice of us!” Yeah?....Umm No. We end up at this house with a ton of people and I’m so confused. Well, it ends up being a funeral! Like, people really all dressed in black bawling! Whaaaat?? I probably had the most confused look on my face. So for funerals here they carry the casket up and down the streets to the cemetery. I have pictures because they passed our room! It’s the craziest thing ever! Oh Peru...gotta love ya!
         Finally, the craziest story of them all... A SCORPION! We get done praying before planning last night and Hermana Rios screams, “HERMANA!!!” I look and there’s a freaking scorpion RIGHT. BY. MY. FEET. Talk about heart attack! For real. So I run to the kitchen (which is the corner of the room lol) and hide and Hermana Rios is like, “Maybe it’s dead?” So she pokes it and nope. NOT dead. I scream, Hermana Rios screams, and it was just great. So then we had to yell from our balcony to get some help. Well the freaking thing starts scuttering away and Hermana Rios looks at me, smiles, and says, “Chow Hermana!” and leaves me hiding in the kitchen! Thanks a lot compañera haha sheesh. Finally, we got a nice fellow to kill it :) That brave soul. :) We figured it must have stuck to our skirts or bags and we carried it all the way home. I honestly have no idea how we didn’t get stung or pinched or anything. I’m so paranoid now haha!  But yes, this week was crazy! Crazy, but I feel like my attitude has changed a lot. I’m trying to enjoy every minute here because I only have 16 months to serve with all I have. I don’t want to look back and regret :) Another week down :) I love you all so much! Thank you for EVERYTHING! 

Hermana Roper

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