Monday, August 19, 2013

"Listen To The Word Of God"

Hola Familia :)

         This week has FLOWN! I don’t even know why. It went by so fast though. Sad to say, this week didn’t have nearly as many crazy stories haha. Still freakin crazy though! 
         We had reunion de zona this week... I honestly can’t remember what that is in English. But it was good. We have great Elders in our zone! We have quite a few heading out this Saturday to go home. But I really have learned so much from them! 
         This week was weird though... We didn’t have many lessons. One thing that’s really a bugger here is that nobody knows what an appointment is, I swear. We make an appointment and nobody’s ever home. So we spent a lot of time walking... A LOT of time. The lessons we did have were great though! I have really seen the importance of members this week. The hard part is getting members to help us here. We don’t have very many.    Anyway, so we were going to visit an investigator and just happened to run into one of our less active members, Hermana Veronica. We just said hi and kinda kept walking, but she told us to come in. So there we were, having no idea what we were going to teach, but she was really wanting to be taught we started talking about prayer, and how much prayer helps us get through hard times. Well, Hermana Veronica’s husband is cheating on her and she knows it and he knows that she knows, so she really needed this lesson. Hermana Rios and I both bore testimonies on this and it was fine, BUT when Hermana Benilda (the member) bore her testimony, Hermana Veronica just started bawling. It just so happens that Hermana Benilda had the same exact problems with her marriage. I KNOW none of this was coincidence. It’s crazy what the Lord has planned for each of us. He knows exactly who we need to talk to, exactly where we need to go, and exactly what we need to say. Our job is to be in tune with the spirit, and be living in the right way to receive this revelation. We NEED members! (Yes, even you! Haha)  
         This week I also taught INGLES! (English) to two people... Awkwarddd. That’s another bugger. Nobody shows up to activities and when they do it’s an hour after the time it starts lol. Anyway... The two boys I taught were hilarious! Now I see why people laugh when I talk because they couldn’t pronounce English words to save their lives haha but I made them cute little flashcards to practice :) We learned colors and how to introduce ourselves. This week maybe we’ll learn how to pray haha! 
         It’s so fun working with the kids around here though. My favorite thing in the whole world is hearing little kids yell HERMANAS! and come running at us with hugs :) There is one little boy that has my heart for sure. His name is Jose. His mom was just baptized about a month ago and we read the BOM with them every other day. He is seriously the cutest thing in my whole life. For his birthday we were walking with him and his mom and he just grabs my hand and we strolled through the streets of La Cruz :) Probably the best thing ever. I’m bringing him home. Haidyn was right... I found me my baby haha. 
         Sadly, Hermano Adolfo is at it again. Last night was awful. We finally got some member help and decided to stop by and see how Hermana Maryuri was doing. We get there and she’s not there so we kinda talk with him for a minute and he was just being a butt. So we start teaching some friends of Hermana Maryuri outside their house. Well we’re standing there and Catalina (the daughter) comes and tries pulling my skirt down. Yep. She’s a stinker lol but then she does the same to Hermana Rios. Hermano Adolfo sees and freaks out. He takes her and starts whipping her and me, Hermana Rios, and our member Hermana Yauri just stand there. We must have looked disgusted because the friend we’re teaching goes on to say... "Ya know... In the bible it says we need to correct our children" Oh does it? I’d like to see where it says it’s okay to beat 4-year-old little girls. So then he just walks out with this smirk on his face and his belt hanging around his neck... Good job dude, good job. He won’t be baptized anytime soon BUT Hermana Maryuri this Saturday!!! :) 
         My favorite experience this week was one that strengthened my testimony SO much. I’ve had some rough days. Now that I’ve been here for a few weeks people are more comfortable with me, and talk to me more, but I still struggle understanding. So when I don’t understand something they just scream the same phrase or sentence at me and it’s so frustrating! Add homesickness on top of that and it’s just great haha. So this week, some days have had so many emotions! BUT I KNOW God answers prayers. This week I finally just had a moment where I just had so many questions. I just prayed and pretty much begged for answers. Like, why am I here?! Nobody can understand me, I can’t understand them, and life would be so much easier at home! It was a full-on crying prayer while Hermana Rios was in the shower haha. It was so needed though! I don’t know why sometimes I think I can do this on my own. I need the Lord. So after this, we start personal study. I flip open to D&C 100. I don’t have time to type all that I liked, but everyone just needs to read it. The whole section was just like, "Okay calm down. Your family is fine, you’re here because people need you, and I’ll be with you. Now serve." I've never had a prayer answered quite like this. It was so direct. It’s an answer I can’t deny. I’m so grateful for a Heavenly Father that answers my prayers. 
         Now time for some crazy stuff eh? Okay Hermana Vicki’s family. Straight up CRAZY. I’m talking goats, chickens, cats, AND dogs crazy. They attend every lesson, along with the evil kids lol.  One kid in particular is pure evil. Diego. Oooooh Diego. He stuck gum in my hair this week. I’m going to kill him. He also stuck a baby goat on Hermana Rios’ lap haha. I won’t lie... I laughed. But only cause it was her, not me :) Anywhoooo after he sticks gum in my hair, his old grandma takes off her flip-flop and starts chasing him yelling, "ESCUCHA LA PALABRA DE DIOS!!!" which is "LISTEN TO THE WORD OF GOD!!!" Funniest thing of my whole life!!! 
Okay, I have no more time for any more craziness... Darn. Maybe more next week ;) But I love you all so much and am SOOOO grateful for everything. I couldn’t ask for anything more. :) I’m so blessed. Have a great week and good luck in school! :)

Hermana Roper 

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