Saturday, June 15, 2013

One Week Down!

          Hola! This week has been better. The “make it to Sunday” thing was SO true for me! I felt so overwhelmed the first few days that by Sunday I was ready for some spiritual upliftment. Tuesdays are also the best ever! This Tuesday Elder Mervyn B. Arnold of the seventy and his wife spoke. It was so good! As you saw, we had to move to the Marriott Center for devotionals because there's so many of us. It's really powerful to be in the presence of so many missionaries! Singing in the MTC choir is awesome as well.
Anyway.. Elder Arnold taught us how to serve missions with no regrets.
1.) Understand who you are- each of us have a divine nature and destiny.
2.) Each of us have been given specific gifts and talents- magnify your talents. (Exodus 4: 10-12 is great!)
3.) Understand the sacredness of your call and what you covenanted when you accepted it.
4.) Understand and observe the law of obedience- one thing our Branch President, President Peer, stresses is "Obedience brings blessings; exact obedience brings miracles."
5.) Understand your purpose- our purpose is to bring others to Christ. "Others" isn't just investigators. "Others" is everyone! He said that we may feel like we don't know anything, but we know enough. Angels are round about us lifting us up. His wife also talked about having no regrets. She said to give our best efforts, and at the end of the day, whether good or bad, we will be satisfied with ourselves. She also told us that the Lord has something he NEEDS us to be. Although we don't know what it is, we need to prepare now. It was really a great devotional!
          So I never answered your question about how Sundays are here at the MTC. All the sisters meet for Relief Society (in English thank goodness) and then later our zone has Sacrament. The scary thing about Sacrament is that each week we are required to write a 3-5 minute talk in Spanish and President Peer chooses an Elder and Sister randomly to speak. Umm can you say scary?! Yes, yes you can.
          So our investigator, Carlos, became our teacher yesterday. Aca-awkward! He is the funniest teacher! His name is Hermano Sagers. He went to Honduras on his mission. The more awkward things is that we have to keep teaching "Carlos" and we know he's our teacher now for sure. Along with Carlos, we'll be teaching our other teacher, Hermano Haug, and he's going to be acting in the part of Ian. Oh man. I hope I never see them again after the MTC lol. Wait.. Actually I hope I do so I can prove to them I'm not a total loser and CAN learn Spanish someday! Haha it'll be funny to see how that goes.
          Some of the Elders in the District above us were really helpful this week. Elder Powell and Elder Moffitt. They had a prompting to pull Hermana Peterson and I aside and talk to us. We needed it! We both just feel so inadequate at times. In class everyone can speak Spanish and at least get their point across, and then there's us lol. We know words, but not how to connect sentences. Hermano Haug says, "Oh don't worry. It's not an English fast; it's a Spanish feast!" Yeah right, Hermano Haug. Anyway, we were both just feeling a bit stressed. They just took the time to speak to us and tell us that it will be okay. Elder Powell had no Spanish and he talked about how he's seen the mission change his life. He was about to get married at 19, but decided to go on a mission. The girl ended up dumping him, and he said he's so grateful the Lord had something different for him planned. He said, "If you ever want to make the Lord laugh, tell him your plans" lol I LOVED that! Seriously.. Who would've thunk I'd be here right now?! Not me! I'll never forget the kindness those Elders showed, and I'm so grateful they followed their prompting and helped us out.
          The MTC really is a great place. Hard, but I've already grown so much. In order to become what the Lord wants me to be I must have a broken heart and a contrite spirit. He's shaping for better things; he's shaping my future. As long as I remember that, I'll be okay :)
          I can't wait to hear how your week was. Thanks again for every single letter and package and just EVERYTHING! Tell dad and Ty I'll write them some had written letters tonight. I have the best family ever! Love you all more than you know!

Love your favorite missionary,
Hermana Roper

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